AFM fencers Anya Harkness, Taly Yukelson and Jade Welder took podium and swept 3 fencing gold medals at the latest Bay Cup Women's Epee tournamentWow, what a fantastic weekend. This past weekend our junior female epee fencers really took us for a ride.

Three Bay Cup events. Three Gold medals. It doesn’t get much better than that!

It started with Anya Harkness winning gold in Senior Women’s Epee, which earned her a new “B” rating! Taly Yukelson was by her side on the podium, having taken the bronze medal. Unfortunately, Anya and Taly met in the semifinals so only one AFMer could make it to the finals. We always hope to only see our fencers bout each other in the finals, but like we mentioned in a previous post, that’s not always possible. This time it was Anya who went on to the finals to win the gold for AFM.

That wasn’t the end of the excitement for Anya. She was on fire. Next she fenced in the Division 2 Women’s Epee event and won her second gold for the day! Her fencing was clean and confident; none of her opponents could match her so she easily took the top spot.

In a third event, Unrated Women’s Epee, Jade Welder took home the third gold medal for AFM in one day! Jade earned her “E” rating with the win. Jade took the gold all on her own, but her clubmate Anya stayed with her through the event, providing guidance and support. Jade’s parents commented to us how excited they were and how impressed with Anya’s sportsmanship.

After two gold medals, Anya could have easily headed off to celebrate, but instead she stayed with Jade. We are proud of you, Anya, both for your fencing and your heart.

Girls, you rock! Keep up the good work, and remember that victories come and go, but the friendships you are building can last forever.