AFM Holiday Gift Guide 2022 - Gifts for Fencers by Age

If you’ve ever struggled to find the right gift for that very special fencer in your life, you’re not alone. Figuring out what to give is a struggle, especially because none of us wants to give a present that will go unused. 

Choosing the right piece of fencing gear, the perfect accessory, or the right add on experience is a challenge, even for the most present fencing parent or fellow fencer. This year, our MEGA HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE is bigger than ever before, with sixty gift ideas!

This year, we’re looking at our annual AFM Holiday Gift Guide from a different perspective and breaking it down by age. Every parent knows that different ages have wildly different needs, and fencers of different ages have different needs as well. We’re taking the guesswork out of finding the right gift for your fencer by giving you the best gifts for all ages! Of course, many of the gift ideas below are cross-generational, so you might want to scroll through the entire collection when looking for something that fits your choice, even if it is in a different age bracket from your fencer.

Gifts for Young Elementary Aged Youth Fencers

For many years, competitive fencing started with Y10. The addition of the Y8 category means that younger kids are fencing, and that’s definitely a good thing. Kids who are 8 years old or younger compete in this section. Their needs are decidedly different than older fencers, so we’ve put together 

These gifts are perfect for fencers who are 9 years old and younger.

Slackers Ninjaline

Working out outside of the fencing club is an important part of fencers improving their skills, but for kids that doesn’t have to look like lifting weights. For the younger kids, a slackline is a fantastic workout option that’s more play and less work. It also supports improved agility skills and grip strength, which will help with fencing. 

“En Guarde” Cat vs. Sloth Tshirt

We can have some serious fun while seriously fencing! This cat vs sloth shirt is adorable and will be loved by the kid fencer in your life. It comes in a dozen colors, so you can get just the right one for your youth fencer. 

Ace 3 Fitness tracker from Fitbit

Starting young with fitness is important for a lifelong love of it, and kids are naturally drawn to technology – we all know about the iPad attraction. This fitness tracker for kids is easy to use and durable enough to withstand fencing practice (tuck it under the jacket!). The display screen will help them to keep track of their steps and sleep, giving them lots of control over their fitness. 

Fluidstance Balance Board

Speaking of maintaining balance, a balance board is a solid option for kids who need to improve their skills. This one from Fluidstance is basic but incredibly functional and fun. Improved balance helps young fencers be stronger on their feet when going against an opponent!

Liontouch Foam Fencing Swords

It’s not always about hard training – sometimes it’s just about having fun. Foam fencing swords are especially great for your elementary aged fencers if they have younger siblings or cousins who they want to play around with. These are shaped like real fencing swords, but they’re safe for little kids too. Of course, parents and grandparents can get in on the action too!

Playzone-fit Balance Stepping Stones Obstacle Course for Kids

Footwork is the heart of fencing that many people don’t realize is super important. Simple stepping stone games like this one can help kids to improve their coordination while also supporting their fencing skills. This is a solid gift option that will help young fencers get better in fencing without actually having them practice their fencing.

“This kid loves fencing” tote bag

Sometimes it’s just gotta be simple! This “This kid loves fencing” tote bag goes right along with the draw that kids have to fill things with stuff. It’s great for taking snacks to a friend’s house or helping parents out with the grocery shopping. Maybe it just hangs on a bedroom door full of leftover holiday candy?

Fencing 3D Night Lamp

You don’t have to be afraid of the dark to appreciate this fun fencing night light. It can change colors with the touch of a button. For big kids who are transitioning to less story time at bedtime, this is a bridge to having a night light without feeling too much like a little kid.

Bunny Fencing Backpack

Finally for our littlest fencers, we have an awesome fencing backpack covered in bunnies. This bookbag is simple but sturdy, and it’s easy to throw in the washing machine when it gets covered in whatever kids cover their backpacks with. There’s a water bottle pocket on the side and plenty of storage in the middle for all of that kid stuff that they have to take back and forth to school or wherever!

AF Junior Elite Roll Bag

Fencing gear can be heavy stuff for the youngest fencers, which is why the AF Junior Elite Roll Bag s a great option. This bag has wheels, so that kids can spend more of their energy fencing and less of it hefting around a fencing bag. 

Gifts for Tween Youth Fencers

Once kids cross into late elementary school around fifth grade, their needs and personalities start to shift. Anyone who’s been around tweens will know what we’re talking about! Getting something that’s exciting for these fencers is a bit of a hard sell. The ten gift ideas below are hopefully in the sweet spot. Perfect for kids 10-13, these gifts are just right for the tween fencer in your life. 

Sportybella Fencing Adjustable Rope Bracelet

A cool woven bracelet is hard to beat for a tween. These kinds of bracelets are timeless – we can all remember trading them around in middle school! This one from Sportybella is well made and adjustable, but best of all it has a fencing charm. 

“Keep Calm and Parry On” Lunch Box

Having a great lunchbox won’t ever be a problem with this fencing themed insulated bag. Middle school lunch rooms are notorious for being places where kids have a chance to talk and compare notes. Why not let gift your tween with a subject of good conversation?

Agility Training Equipment

Sometimes the best thing for a tween is to have somewhere to get moving and stop thinking. Working on their agility training in the backyard is a great way to introduce cross training to their fencing regimen while also helping them increase their focus. 

Groove Bags & Custom Kicks Fencing High Tops

Great shoes can go a long way for a tween, and these are probably the coolest shoes we’ve seen. Available in a wide variety of sizes, keep in mind that these are for looks, not for actually fencing in. Still, what twelve year old fencer wouldn’t want to wear these incredible high tops to school?

“My Wand Chose Me” tshirt

By middle school, most kids have gone through their Harry Potter phase, and some never leave it. This shirt is the best mix of Hogwarts and fencing, and just about any tween would love to have it.

ROPHOO Fencing Shoes

This is indeed the second pair of shoes on our tween, list, but there’s a reason – kids this age wear through shoes like nobody’s business. They also have a habit of getting into footwear. Though regular tennis shoes are just fine for fencing, the holidays are a time to splurge if ever there was one. These look great and have a reinforced toe for those wandering blades. My kids used to have these shoes and they were great to fence in.

Anime Fencer Water Bottle

We couldn’t resist the tween feeling from this water bottle from Fencing Love. It’s personalized for your fencer’s name, and it’s got a fantastic illustration of a fencer on it. It comes in several colors and is stainless steel, so hopefully it will hold up through college. 

Fencing Canvas Art Print

Middle school is a time that kids want to start being taken seriously, and that can mean they want to decorate with things that look a little more grown up. This canvas fencing gear print is a great option for the tween fencer in your life who wants to make their room look a little less like Nickelodeon. 

LEONARK Microfiber Fencing Target

Around middle school age, fencers start to really get serious. This fencing target is a great way to encourage them to fence at home and to help support their growth in the sport. Talk to you coach first before you purchase it to make sure they approve at home training in the current level of your child. Also, make sure that you mount it somewhere that’s free from obstruction and that they aren’t likely to slash anything you don’t want slashed!

Mischievous Fencing Cats Stickers

Cats and fencing? This is the perfect storm for a tween’s laptop or water bottle. These come in array of feline shapes, and if feline’s aren’t your thing then you can check out their shop for the puppy version of these fun stickers. 

Gifts for High School Fencers

When you’re in high school, you want to look cool in front of your friends and also to prove yourself on the strip. With these great fencing gifts, you can absolutely do both. It can be really difficult to get the right thing for the teenager in your life, but high school fencers aged 13 to 17 will love these gifts!

“I Have a Duel Identity” tshirt

Puns are always funny, even when you’re a teenager. This tshirt is classic and useful for practice as well as school and it comes in four colors. We love the huge selection at Fencing Love, so be sure to surf the site if you don’t see what you like right here. 

URBNFit Wooden Balance Board Trainer

Yes, this is the second balance board on this list! For high schoolers, this one takes it up a whole lot of notches. This balance board will help to build core strength and agility for fencers who want to take it to the next level. For high schoolers, this particular board from URBNFit is great because it comes with a free app that serves as a workout guide. 

Metal Fencing Medal Hanger

Having somewhere to organize and hang fencing medals is important, especially for high schoolers. This is a fantastic addition to any high schooler’s room, and the best part is that you can get it personalized. It’s not just for medals – we all know that high schoolers make a creative use of everything you hand to them. 

Fencing Airpods Case

Let’s be serious – this is probably the coolest one on the list. An airpods case is a must have for the cool high school student, who tend to put their headphones in everywhere. This one has a built in keyring and is made of longlasting and cushioning rubber. 

Grip Strength Set

This affordable hand strength set is perfect for teenagers who grew up with fidget cubes and fidget spinners. With five different options to choose from, these will help teenage fencers to improve their grip when they’re not fencing. They’re also great for long car trips to help get that nervous energy out when you’re going to competitions. 

Fencing Rabbit/Cat CarryAll Pouch

If the design of this bag makes you go “wow!”, then imagine what your high schooler will think of it? It’s definitely giving us some Tiktok feelings. This pouch is great to throw in a backpack with some protein bars or to organize school supplies. A fencing rabbit and cat? Yes please.  

Hand Eye Coordination & Reaction Speed Training Tool

Mixing it up in terms of agility training can really support fencers to become better on the strip. This Hand Eye Coordination training tool is awesome for teens because it’s done in groups, and we all know how important socializing is for teenagers. Think of it like a frisbee but with an added boost. 

Youth Fencer Leggings

Leggings are to be worn everywhere and for every occasion. These fencing themed leggings will be cherished by the teenage girl fencer in your life, who will definitely wear them to breakfast after sleeping in on a Saturday morning. Check them out in four colors. 

Fencing Weekly Planner

Learning to get organized and stay organized is imperative for teenagers, but giving them the right tools to do it can really help. This weekly planner is bold and great looking, and can work as the perfect motivational gift for the teen fencer in your life!

Gifts for College Fencers

College is a time of transition and learning how to be an adult. For college fencers, whether they’re on their college fencing team competing or keeping up their skills with the intramural club, balancing their athletics with social life and academics can be tough. 

These gifts range from fun to practical, giving young adults that support they need with an eye for independence. The young adult fencer aged 18-25 will appreciate these for the holidays. 

Custom Metal Fencing Light-up Wall Art

Cool wall art is an absolute must for college students! This metal fencing sculpture looks amazing in an adult kind of way. It’s got a remote control to change the color, and it’s customizable with your fencer’s name or with their college name. 

Under Desk Elliptical

No matter where they’re living, young people are usually tight on space. This tiny elliptical is fantastic for college athletes who need to keep up their cross-training but don’t have much space. 

Fencing Throw Blanket

When fencers first go off to college, one thing they miss are those warm hugs from parents (even if they don’t say it). This fuzzy fencing throw is stylish enough for the chicest dorm while also being easy to clean and cuddly soft. Redbubble offers this one in three sizes. 

MegaWise Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

Working out hard can be hard work on the muscles, and fencers in the college age range tend to push themselves. This unique handheld massager is fantastic because of its long reach – you don’t need someone with you using it to get to those tough spots in the middle of the back.

Fencing Penguins Water Bottle

Never underestimate the impetus for young adults to enjoy the absurd, and fencing penguins are about as absurd as you can get. This water bottle from Society6 comes in three sizes, from 12oz to 33oz. Made from stainless steel, it’s double insulated and will keep drinks cold or hot for up to 12 hours. Perfect for a long day of practice or a long drive to a tournament!

Retro Fencing Tshirt

Everything old is new again! Retro never seems to go out of style. A cool fencing tshirt is never going to go unappreciated by a college student fencer. 

Fencing Slides

Living with roommates or in a dorm is a reality of college student life. College students in dorms need flip flops to wear to the shower, and those living out in the world can make use of functional footwear in the backyard. These rubber slides are textured under the soles of the feet, giving a little massage to the tootsies while keeping feet and the house clean. They will also be very unique on the campus!

Pack of Fencing Holiday Cards

Worried about the college student fencer in your life forgetting to send a card home to the grandparents for the holidays? You can give them a little push in the right direction with a pack of whimsical cards that highlight their love of fencing. 

PROMiXX Pro Shaker Bottle

This USB powered rechargeable protein bottle is a must for college athletes who need something that works well but also is compatible with dorm life. It’s easy to use. Pair it with a big container of their favorite protein powder and you’re all set. 

Elsinore Fencing Club – Hamlet Pullover Sweatshirt

For the intellectually minded college fencer, this Shakespeare inspired fencing sweatshirt is a gift that will nod to both their mental capacity and their love of fencing. If you’ve never heard of the Elsinore Fencing Club, we highly recommend you pick up a copy of Hamlet and discover why this legendary fencing institution is known and perhaps feared. 

Gifts for Adult Fencers

Adulting is better when you’re fencing. Though we grown-ups often put the needs of everyone else behind our own, the holidays are a time for us to give the fellow grown-ups in our lives some support. This time of year is a great time to support the people you love by giving them things that make their lives a little better, be that through athletics or through fun. 

Adult fencers 25 and up can get behind these practical and fun holiday gifts.

International Fencing Suitcase

Traveling for work, for fencing, or for pleasure is better when you’ve got a distinctive suitcase that pops out on the baggage claim. This hard shell is fantastic for the adult in your life who’s on the go for any reason. Plus they have something to learn while standing in security lines.

Silver Fencing Bracelet

Sometimes, it’s good to have something that’s simply beautiful, and this silver fencing bracelet is one of those things. Handmade from Etsy, this piece has high marks from buyers and is beautifully crafted. Check out everything in the Strokeside Designs shop, as they’ve got lots of beautiful fencing accessories.

Fencing desk sculpture

Do you know a fencer with an off-kilter sense of humor? It’s almost impossible not to laugh at this handmade fencer sculpture! This is a great gift for an adult who spends a lot of time at their desk but who would of course rather be fencing. 

Multi-Density Foam Massage Roller

We’ve written about the great benefits of using a foam roller before, and so here we’re recommending one again. This tool supports loosening muscles and stretching joints that can sometimes get tight with hard exercise. It’s a practical and affordable gift for an adult fencer, who will surely get lots of use out of it. 

Fencing Ceramic Ornament

Too often, we tend to think that things like personalized ornaments are for kids. We adults should mark our activities, too! This personalized fencing ornament is classic but also celebratory. 

Quick Dry Beach Towel

Sometimes we need to represent our sport well on the go, and where else is the best place to go except the beach or the pool? Though the holidays are in the winter, this summery gift will be appreciated all year long. What’s the point of a gift without fencing?

Smart Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a fantastic way to support your fencing goals, helping to develop agility and coordination. It’s also great for cardio. A smart jump rope will invoke the youthful feeling in the fencing adult in your life and help them workout in a way that will help their fencing. This one has a built in LED counter and an integrated smartphone app, as well as a carrying bag. 

Grown Up Fencing Socks

What’s that hiding underneath your slacks or boots at the office? Why, it’s themed fencing socks! Adults can take their love of fencing with them even in the most professional environment with these colorful but classic socks. 

Motivational Water Bottle

Adults can get so busy that we often forget to drink our water, and that’s a real problem for athletes and those trying to stay in shape. This motivational water bottle is durable and lightweight, with marks down the side to remind the drinker of how much they should be taking in – it’s usually way more than they expect!

The Fencing Master

Reading and listening to audiobooks is something that lots of us enjoy, so we couldn’t leave this list without a great book on it! This classic, best-selling novel follows the fictional story of Madrid’s greatest fencing master, who is faced with losing his livelihood in the wake of change in the 19th century monarchy of Spain. A fantastic option for the book loving fencer in your life. 

Gifts for Golden Retiree Fencers

One of the best ages to fence is when life starts to slow down and there’s a little more time to enjoy activities that you might not have had time for when life was full of other responsibilities. Fencing at this age does have unique requirements, which gives us the opportunity to give them some great fencing gifts that will support their needs. 

If you need a gift for a fencer aged sixty or older, this is the list for you!

Mask ON Word OFF Mug

That first sip of coffee or tea in the morning is one of the great joys in life, but it’s even better when we drink it out of a mug that showcases our love of fencing. This one sums up the sentiment of fencing for retirees just perfectly!

Vive Neck Massager

Though fencing is great for the body, it can also cause some serious sore muscles. This Vive Neck Massager is versatile and can be used well beyond the neck. Strap it to a chair and breathe deep while massaging that soreness away. It’s heated, upping the game of this fantastic gift. 

Fencing Custom Caricature Portrait

Bring on the whimsy with this wonderful portrait artist on Etsy, who will create a unique portrait from a photo if you want to make it a surprise. You’ll get a digital copy within five days, which you can then have printed and framed or even printed on a custom shirt (which sounds a little out there but also fun!). 

Fitbit Charge 5

Keeping track of exercise is important for everyone, and that goes for retiree fencers as well. The Fitbit Charge 5 is easy to use and highly durable. It tracks heart rate and sleep, both of which can help to support a healthy athlete. The slim design and large display make this one perfect for retirees. 

Vintage Fencing Chart Print

Bring on the classic charm! This beautiful print is not only gorgeous, but it also fits in well with all kinds of decor. To really up the game, have it framed and deliver it for the holidays to a fencer who you respect and admire. 

Half Finger Compression Gloves

Practicality has to win the day sometimes, and that’s definitely the case with these half finger copper compression gloves. People over the age of sixty often struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, which can make holding their fencing weapon a real challenge. These compression gloves make it easier and more comfortable. 

Pillow Fighting Fencing Pillows

We all need sleep, but what do we need even more? We need fun! These fencing pillows are lighthearted and classic. They’ll look great for the fencer in your life who appreciates both sleeping and fighting. 

Fencing Face Mask

Though the pandemic is over, staying safe from viruses is something that we should always consider. This adjustable cotton face mask is a great gift for a fencer who’s being cautious about their exposure, but wants to do so while supporting their love of fencing too. 


Speaking of practicality, a rolling fencing bag is a must for golden age fencers. This is an amazing competition bag that’s perfect for holding it all. It’s got tons of storage on the inside, and it’s a great thing for fencers who are traveling to the club or competitions. Also, I noticed that veteran fencers carry much more stuff with them than youth fencers, so a bigger bag is due. Especially for fencers who are saving their stamina for the competition, this fencing bag will ease the burden of carrying gear. 

Book: From Cool Runnings to World Superpower: The Rise of American Fencing

Fencing history is always interesting, but what sets this book (ours!) apart is that for fencers of this age, they will remember much of the history here. This is a great gift for people over sixty who can look back on the history of this sport in a new lens.

“Fencing – I’m Not Getting Old, I’m Becoming a Legend” Fanny Pack

Finally for our older fencers, we present the coup d’etat of our list – a fanny pack that says “Fencing – I’m Not Getting Old, I’m Becoming a Legend”. This is absolutely the spirit of fencers in retirement age! It’s not about how old you are, but rather it’s about how much you love the sport. And on a fanny pack?! These long lambasted ways to carry our stuff have come back around and are cool again. 

It’s about the emotion, not the material possession

We must leave you with this – the holidays are not about stuff. The stuff is only an outward showing of what you feel about someone! 

The best gifts are the ones that match the personality of someone. When you pick out something that they didn’t even know they needed or could use, it shows that you know them well. The people who love us sometimes know us better than we know ourselves!

When choosing a fencing gift to give to someone you love, don’t focus on how much it costs but rather how much use they’ll get out of it. For kids or adults, putting real thought into what someone will use every day has so much more meaning than just getting them something to get them something. Too often, we get caught up in the rush of holiday buying and buy things without thinking. Hopefully, this gift guide will make it easier for you to come up with something that is both thoughtful and meaningful for your fencer.