An Ordinary Superhero - Sergei GolubitskyDo children need to have their favorite superheroes ? Of course they do! Children are looking for examples of ideal characters to which they can aspire – they feel compelled to find moral references in people they want to be like. People have always created legends and pictured heroes, to remind themselves that the impossible is possible, even when the situation is difficult. With inspiration, we learn that we can overcome the obstacles and win every battle in our lives!

Kids Need Real Heroes

Unfortunately, most heroes in children’s lives are often just painted comic heroes – magical flying guys, world rescuers with robes and incredible muscles. Rarely are children ready to answer questions about who their real life hero is, nor are they able to call the name of a particular person who is not from movies or comic books. All over the world (the real world I mean!) there are plenty of real heroes who perform superhuman feats. These people show incredible courage and heroic actions and show others what man can do.

My children had an assignment at school called  ” My personal hero .” None of the children in the class knew what to write about. Their classmates looked at newspapers to find the names of people who saved others, or generally talked about firefighters.

Fortunately, my older son Adam knew exactly the answer to this question. golubitski with booksHis favorite superhero inspires many fencers. His name is Sergei Golubitsky . In the third grade Adam read Golubitsky’s book “Fencing is My Life” and decided that he would always try to be like him –  to win even when there is no energy anymore and even when it seems that all is lost, to train such as if in front of you is the battle of your life and have a burning desire to win against the evil of the world and take the responsibility of the salvation of mankind and the planet. The big dream of my nine year old son is to become a world champion like Golubitsky!

A Profound Effect

Once Adam thoughtfully asked for my advice about what middle name to give to his future son.

Me: Do you already know what to call him? (I was totally surprised!)

Adam: Yes , of course . Golubitsky! Golubitsky will be his first name and Chirashnya last name…

Me: Why?

Adam: Do you remember, Harry Potter named his son Albus Severus potter in honor of the most famous magicians , whom he respected . Why shouldn’t I do the same?

Albus Severus,” Harry said quietly […], “you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.”
J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Adam chose his hero in real life, a man who made ​​himself a superhero in his eyes. Golubitsky is a living fencing legend and one of the greatest fencers of the world, and at the same time, despite the titles, ranks and achievements, he remains a modest and simple guy. He’s pleased to give autographs to children on his book or straight on their fencing gloves, and without any hubris shakes hands with young novice fencers, giving them inspiration and faith.

Relatable and Real

In his school project  “If I Were a Statue,”  Adam made a paper miniature figure of Golubitsky.

If I were a statue, I would be Sergei Golubitsky. Children would play nearby and I would hear their voices, the birds would fly over to me, and people would come to ask for blessings.”

Adam presented this thoughtful and cute project to his hero when they met at Summer Nationals. Sergei was a little touched, took his craft and thanked Adam. I was sure it was just a pleasant fleeting moment, and the paper would be forgotten in a minute or so. But it turned out that Sergei had taken this little piece of paper back home to the Golubitsky Fencing Center in Los Angeles. After a while he sent me a photo of his desk, where he kept this “tiny model of his own statue” .

Being a living legend for others is not only about merit, but it’s also about responsibility. Sergei knows this, building the soul in young fencers like my son and showing them that everything in the life is an opportunity – you just have to believe in yourself and confidently go forward towards your dreams! He helps and gives children a personal example of fortitude and goodness.

Sure enough, that’s what superheroes do, don’t they? And he is just an ordinary superhero.

An Ordinary Superhero - Sergei Golubitsky