Cool Fencing Related School Supplies and MoreKids love showing off their love of the things that they’re interested in. Sometimes they’re all about a certain music performer or video game, it could be a book series or even a historical figure. For young fencers, that passion is fencing! We absolutely love that our kids get excited about the things that they’re interested in, and in our home we love to really encourage those positive activities.

The trouble is that while you might well find a calendar with soccer stars all over it or a set of pencils with ballet erasers on top at just about any big box store, finding great fencing gear for school isn’t so easy.

Not to worry! Here we’ve got few great ideas for some cool fencing related school supplies and more!

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1.  Classic Fencing Notebook

Fencing related suppliesSource: Zazzle

The best part about this notebook is how just classic and classy it is. This is a great piece for older kids and teens, who want to show of the sophisticated nature of fencing. How great would this be for taking notes in math class?



2.  Fencing Keychain

Fencing related supplies key chainSource: Amazon

The great thing about keychains is that they are so versatile! You can use them as actual keychains, as zipper pulls on backpacks, attached to girl’s purse, clipped to a belt loop or maybe even tied to a hairband! This one is so simple – just the fencing mask that we’re all so familiar with.

3.  Cool Spiraling Fencing Notebook

Fencing related supplies - spiral notebookSource: Amazon

This notebook is definitely cool to look at! The pattern just kind of pops, creating a great effect that a kid of any age would be so excited to carry. One of the best parts about this one is that you can personalize it with your child’s name or their club name, or whatever!


4.  Fencing Backpack

Fencing related supplies back packSource: Amazon

The great thing about this backpack is the movement that you can see in the picture – it really captures the excitement of fencing! The only thing to remember with this one is that it’s not super big, so just realize that when you’re ordering it! However it’s great for younger fencers or older ones who want to carry around some of their most treasured belongings with fencing pride.

5.  Eat, Sleep, Fencing Pencil Case

Fencing related supplies 2Source: Amazon

Everyone needs a pencil case! What we love about this one is that it doesn’t just have to be for pencils – it would work well as a way to keep hair ties and a small brush for competitions, or to store treasured keepsakes in, or to keep safe some of those little cars that boys sometimes like to carry around!

6.  Fencing Creative DIY Brush Pot

Fencing related supplies brush potSource:

We absolutely saved the best for last. This one is really just amazing! We love how active it is. The other thing that we love is that kids have to put it together themselves, which pushes their creativity and fine motor skills. Plus it’s actually really useful!!


Do you know of some really great fencing school supplies? Share your favorites in the comments!