Christmas Gift Certificate: Beginner Fencing Lessons - a unique holiday gift for friends of any ageIf you haven’t finished your holiday shopping, you can knock a couple items off your holiday gift list simply by heading to our website and ordering AFM Gifts Certificates that can be used to sign up for classes. You can order by email or mail delivery, so you could have your gift certificates in your email inbox today!

Why gift fencing classes?

  1. No chance that you’ll give them something they already have.
  2. Sharing one of your personal passions is a thoughtful gift. You may lead your friend or child to a new passion!
  3. The recipient might just end up fencing with your child! In our opinion experience these types of gifts are more memorable than material presents!

We sell $90 gift certificates for a full set of Beginner fencing lessons—that’s six classes over a three-week period. We welcome fencers of all ages, anyone with a willingness to learn something new!

The next Beginner session starts on January 6th, so your gift recipient will be able to start right at the beginning of the year if they want to. Know someone who’s planning to make a New Year’s Resolution to try new things or be more active? This holiday gift could give them a built-in way to start working towards their goals.

Ready to order? Two easy options:

  1. Head to our website and click on Gift Cards on the bottom banner. Then follow instructions to order by mail  and pay online.
  2. Email us at if you have questions or prefer to work with us to order your gift rather than ordering online.

Give the gift of fencing! Better yet, give a gift card to a friend and then sign up with them for your first fencing class. We’d love to have you join us in the new year!