USFA Fencing Club Membership Certificate

USFA Fencing Club Membership Certificate

The current fencing season ends in just one week and the 2014-2015 season starts on August 1st. Remember to update your USFA membership this week if you haven’t already! After August 1st, you can’t fence without it. All fencing clubs require USFA membership: it provides secondary medical/accident insurance. All fencers must have at least a non-competitive membership to participate in fencing lessons.

Now is the time to check this task off of your to-do list.

For non-competing members: If you expect to remain at this level throughout the coming season, renew your membership this month because the price goes up on August 1st! Today the membership cost is $5 and in August it goes up to $10.

For competing members: If you know you will be competing this year, go ahead and get your competitive membership—avoid a last-minute hassle when you prepare for your first competition.

You cannot participate in any fencing classes or fencing lessons without proof of your membership per USFA requirements and your club’s obligation as a USFA member club. Check with your club on how to provide proof of membership.