Alan Buchwald from North American Cup in RenoDear Irina:  Just writing to give you an overview of my experience at this Tournament just finished.  I entered 3 events overall.  In the combined over age 40 Men’s Foil, there were 39 competitors; I seeded 13 after the pools (4 won and 2 lost of 6), but lost in my DE 9-7 with time running out, finishing 18 of 39.  Overall, I felt my results were due to good fencing, good directing but probably some overconfidence in the DE.

The next day, in my age group event 60-69 men’s foil, I simply could not pull off many close bouts in the pools, winning only 1 of 6 (against an experienced fencer, Heik Hambarzumian).  Some of this was due to bad directing, poor point control and a slow start in the first bout.  I then lost my DE 10-8 to someone I usually beat, finishing 20 of 24, probably my worst result; nonetheless a lot to learn.

In my final event the next day, Team Men’s Veteran Foil (over age 40), I joined up with a fencer from Halberstadt’s and one from The Fencing Center.  We seeded 10th of 14 teams.  We fenced a competitive round of 45 touches with a higher seeded group from Columbus; at one point I scored 11 unanswered points to bring us within 5 touches of winning, but we were not able to pull it off.  Their team went on to take a bronze in the event.  I had very strong fencing and felt it was a good way to finish the tournament.

I had a great time connecting with a broad range of folks both from the mainland, Hawaii and Canada.  I even struck up a friendship with a fencer from Japan.  Such is the camaraderie of fencing!  No medals, but lots of effort and a determination to improve.  Thanks to all of you for your support.  Sincerely, Alan

By: Alan Buchwald