Power in the Ballot - Why and How Fencing Parents Should Join USA Fencing by February 1, 2023

There is power in the ballot.

Investing ourselves in the process of who and how are running the things that matter is important and for us in this context, that means USA Fencing. Though it can seem like we are unable to affect the big machines of organizations without investing time and energy that we may not have, in truth, we can make a huge difference with a single vote. 

Your child’s fencing journey is directly connected to the opportunities that USA Fencing puts before them. When the structure of competition changes, it changes the long-term outcomes of your children. You should have a say in that. You do have a say in that.

The people who read this blog have a deep passion for fencing and fencing education – that’s why you’re reading this. It’s that passion for the sport that drives me to keep pursuing the hard work of writing it. Fencing parents have the power to take that passion to the next level by casting a vote in the upcoming USA Fencing Elections. 

You must have Access Membership in USA Fencing by February 1, 2023 to vote in the May elections!

You can sign up for Access Membership here.

The Board of USA Fencing makes decisions on what events are offered, where those events are offered, how fencers qualify, policies, and so much more. It’s critical that parents take part in making those decisions by voting! Fencing parents have a distinct perspective on what their children need because we’re on the ground seeing how these decisions affect our kids. 

In the next few months, there is a major election coming up that will shape fencing in the United States for the next three years due to the number of seats that will open all at once. In the past, fencing parents have not come out in force to vote in these elections, even though their children are the most affected by the decisions made! 

Power belongs to the fencing community. Voting for the board members has the potential to significantly impact the immediate and long-term future of our fencers. 

What are we voting for in the USA Fencing Board?

Under the newest set of guidelines, there are 14 members on the USA Fencing Board, and 10 are made up of unelected positions and those chosen by the Athlete’s Council. The remaining 4  are At-Large Directors selected by members of USA Fencing (there used to be 5, but that number will drop this coming year). One seat is not up for election this cycle, which leaves 3 seats open. This is who USA Fencing members will vote on in May. 

To read more about the upcoming board election and the board composition, read this great article on the Fencing Parents blog (If you aren’t familiar with that great resource yet, sign up for their regular updates!)

To reiterate – in order to vote for the At-Large Director seats on the board, you must be 18 years of age and a member with Access Membership or above by February 1, 2023. Access Membership costs only $25 per year. The vast majority of the membership in USA Fencing is made up of children who are under 18, so that leaves it to parents to represent their interests! You can vote on behalf of your child’s interest.

This year, I petitioned to get on the ballot for one of the At-Large Director seats on the board, collecting signatures from clubs across the country and university fencing coaches to meet the 50 signature/10 club threshold needed to get on the ballot. As a fencing parent, coach, and club owner, I am passionate about this sport’s future and believe I can give a voice to parents, fencers, and fencing clubs on the board.

While I would appreciate your vote, what matters is that you vote for someone you think are the best candidate! Your vote, no matter who it is for, is essential to the future of fencing for your children. I will state my vision for the board once the petition process is concluded, and we will enter the campaign stage.

We are in this together, and your votes are necessary to preserve the future of fencing. You have the power of the ballot in May, but only if you are registered by February 1st!