Qualification and Eligibility for Div2 and Div3 Summer NationalsWe all know that the qualification process in competitive fencing can be a bit of a challenge to understand. Clarity is SO important! There is never a question that you could ask that’s a silly one, nor is there ever a time in this process when we should stop asking questions. It’s far better to put it out there so that you can know exactly what’s going on than to miss out on something because you’re too afraid to ask.

In that spirit, let’s dig in and clarify some common questions surrounding the qualification and eligibility for Division 2 and Division 3 for the 2016 Summer Nationals competition.

What happens if you move up in rating AFTER you qualify?

We have several fencers that earned Div2 qualification while being C rated fencers. They fenced at Div2 qualifiers, with some fencing at a Divisional Qualifier and some fencing at ROC Div2. In these competitions our fencers qualified for Summer Nationals in Division 2, having met the requirements (top 25% of the Div qualifier for one fencer and a Div 2 regional points at the Div2 ROC for another).

Meanwhile after these qualifying competitions they earned a higher rating (one earned a B at a local competition and another earned an A by winning Div1A ROC). This of course is fantastic news for our fencers, but it also poses a bit of a conundrum. Since they both qualified for Div2 first and then improved their rating, are they still eligible to fence at Div2 at Summer Nationals?

The answer is YES!

Fencers are not penalized for improvements in their rating. If they move up in ranking after that qualification, they are still eligible to fence this lower Division even with their new higher rating. Essentially, they go on about their season once they’re qualified in Div2 or Div3, and regardless of their rating at the moment of registration they are eligible to fence at these Divisions that they qualified for.

This rule even applies if they reach a higher level during the tournament that they qualify at. Once a fencer has qualified, then they’re qualified. That’s a great bit of peace of mind for everyone involved!

Simple example: if you were a D-rated fencer entering qualifying event (e.g., Div 2 qualifier or Div 2 ROC) and you succeeded to qualify for both Div2 and Div3 and later you earned B or A rating, you still are eligible to fence at both the Division 2 and 3 Championships during the nationals.

How can fencers check their regional points for Division 2?

Checking regional points is easy!

You can find them on usfencing.org (Go to Athletes–>Current Point Standing –> Regional), or go directly here . If a fencer has qualified and is able to fence, then they’ll appear here under the right filter. Alternatively you can put your fencer’s last name into the search box and look them up. If the fencer appears on the list, this means that they’ve entered competition at the division eligible rating even if they later earned a higher rating. So if they were D and lower during this event and earned Div2 points, they still can fence Div 3 and Div2, regardless of their current rating

Do you have questions about qualification for Summer National? Don’t be afraid to ask! The fencing community is incredibly supportive and open, ready to help you make sense of it all.