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Why Fencing is Good for Kids [Infographic]

Why fencing is good for kids- cover image

We recently published a post “9 Reasons Why Fencing is Good for Kids” which received a lot of positive feedback from many people.

So I decided to create an infographic inspired by that and other posts, since a picture is worth a thousand words.

I hope you enjoy this graphical story and use it to convince your friends, children, siblings or classmates give fencing a try. And maybe you will help them discover their lifelong passion for the gorgeous sport of fencing!

Full resolution image can be downloaded from here.

why fencing is good for kids - infographic


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  1. R

    Good graphic, but I would change the “Self Esteem” bubble (disavowed by its progenitor) to “Enables Maturity.” Also, please include “Star-Trek-Next Generation’s” Picard vs. Guinan bout in your media block.

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