World Fencing Day - September 9, 2017Fencing is amazing!

We are always interested in spreading the word about our beloved sport. That’s exactly what World Fencing Day is all about, and we’re encouraging everyone to participate and share their love of the sport with people all over the world. World Fencing Day is sponsored by FIE, the International Fencing Federation. It’s a day that’s all about getting the word out about the joy of fencing to everyone possible. We want to spread the word about fencing and what it means to us.

This year, World Fencing Day is Saturday, September 9, 2017

How can you participate in World Fencing Day? It’s easy! Here are four simple, straightforward and fun ways to spread the word about World Fencing Day and celebrate the sport.

1.    Share Fencing on Social Media

Update your cover photo or profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever to a fencing themed image to show that you love fencing!

  • Use the hashtags #fencingday and #allforfencing on World Fencing Day, September 9
  • Update your cover photo or profile picture to something fencing related
  • Flood your social media feeds with fencing related content, from videos to links to images.
  • Share a blog about fencing
  • Livestream from your club (with permission of course!)
  • Create a quick video testimonial where you talk about fencing

It doesn’t matter how you share your love of fencing online, it just matters that you put out the good word for your fencing club.

The widest reach that you have for spreading the word about fencing is online. Just as you’re sitting here reading this post from some kind of online device, so too are other people all over the world. You’ve got a larger network of people online than you might even realize, and you can share the joy of fencing with them in just a few minutes!

2.    Support your Fencing Club

Share your fencing club’s website on your social media or make it a point to take some information from your club and post it on some bulletin boards around town. Wherever your fencing club is, you know that you love training there! More fencers in your club mean more sparring partners and more fencing friends.

You’d be surprised how many people might not even realize that fencing is available in your area. It’s amazing that people might not know that there’s great fencing close by! Here are some ideas about how to spread the word about your fencing club for World Fencing Day.

  • Share your fencing club’s website on social media
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about World Fencing Day and mentioning your club
  • Wear a tshirt with your fencing club’s logo on World Fencing Day

Fencing clubs are community organizations. Support your fencing club to celebrate World Fencing Day!

3.    Have a fencing movie hangout

There are SO many amazing fencing movies out there that are just amazing. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy, but you can celebrate World Fencing Day by inviting some non-fencing friends over for a movie to help them learn more about the sport and get excited about it.

Here are a few of our favorite movies that feature fencing, but there are tons of great fencing movies out there to choose from:

  • The Princess Bride
  • The Three Musketeers
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Stardust
  • The Fencer

This is a fun and SO easy way for you to celebrate the magic of fencing with your family and friends. Pop some popcorn, grab a spot on the couch, and enjoy. And again, you can always share your move pick on social media with the hashtag #fencingday and #allforfencing.

4.    Invite a friend

One of the hands down best ways for you to spread the word about fencing is to talk to your friends about fencing. Word of mouth is the best way to make an impression on anyone. Talking to your friends and family about fencing helps to spread the word about the sport and to get everyone excited about it. Your friends and family trust you and are interested in the things that you’re doing!

Here are some ways that you can invite a friend to fence for World Fencing Day:

  • Ask a friend to come with you to check out your club
  • Invite a friend to come to a fencing competition with you
  • Talk to teachers, people in your community, and family members about fencing
  • Pull up some cool fencing videos to watch with friends
  • Invite a friend over to demonstrate your home practice routine

Celebrate World Fencing Day by sharing fencing with friends! The more we talk about fencing, the more we share the great things that we love about fencing with people in our lives, the more excited they’ll get about fencing.

Why World Fencing Day Matters

Fencing is a niche sport, but it’s one that’s capturing the imagination of more people every day. By spreading the word about fencing, we’re giving people the chance to reach out and join in this amazing sport that we love.

World Fencing Day isn’t just about getting new fencers in the door of fencing clubs though, it’s about getting more fans of the sport too. Every four years we see a bump for fencing with all of the attention surrounding fencing in the Olympics, but we want to see that enthusiasm spread during the times between the games!

Fencing is a fantastic sport for people of all ages and all ability levels. From school aged kids to retirees, fencing is a sport that everyone can appreciate and participate in. It teaches us drive and focus, determination and hope. Fencing is an amazing sport that is so much more than just fighting with swords – it builds character and offers us the chance to develop well beyond the strip.

Why do you love fencing? What are you going to do to celebrate World Fencing Day? Let us know in the comments!


Image Source: FIE