scheduleWith the new season upon us, we’re ready for some major changes in our schedule!

You’ll notice a lot of changes to our new schedule, with a major overhaul of how our classes are broken down as well as a few big timeslot adjustments. It’s taken us a great deal of time and consultation with parents and among the staff of AFM to come up with what we believe will be the best possible way to serve our students and their families in order to maximize the skill and proficiency of our fencers. We’re excited to see the growth from these improvements!

Separation, Specialization and Private Lessons

With this new schedule, there will be a lot more separation and much better specialization. This means that fencers will be getting the best possible training, preparing them even more for the competition season. We’ll have the ability to offer private lessons during better times, so that private fencing lessons will be able to be scheduled closer to each student’s group lesson. That’s great for everyone! Our two new coaches will be a huge asset here, as they are the reason that we are able to expand our private lesson opportunities and to further specialize during regular classes.

Beginner classes for youth are being moved to Saturdays with the program being shortened to 4 classes. We’ve had repeated requests from parents to make this change, so that kids can come in to try out the new sport before committing to the rigors of a weekday timeslot. This change is expected to be a very positive one for our beginner classes!

The Intermediate class will remain a combined weapons (epee/foil) format, so that coaches can continue to help children to determine which weapon is the best for them, based on the trained eye of experienced staff. In addition, the combined nature of this class setup will allow parents with siblings to have their children in the same class as siblings transition from the beginner class, even if they are specializing in different weapons.

Check it out for yourself below, or click here to get a printable copy.

AFM 2015-216 Classes Schedule

Please do keep in mind that while we try to maintain our schedule for the entire 2015-2016 fencing season, our schedule is subject to change by AFM at any time as we continue to grow. Please verify the current schedule of any fencing class prior to coming to your first lesson.

You can find more details about holidays and policies regarding the schedule by clicking here.

With the new season just around the corner and the summer starting to wind down, we’re excited about how our new schedule is going to allow us to give the best possible fencing training to your child, helping them to excel as well as helping our school as a whole to develop and grow.