Academy of Fencing Masters Summer nationals Team

Were so happy and proud of the results of our 2nd year at Summer Nationals and the July Challenge! The atmosphere was amazing, and many members of our club (including both beginners and intermediate levels) came to Nationals both to fence and to cheer on our team.

We had 50 fencers competing in 35 events!

With lots of parents and fencers in attendance, this tournament really turned into a family celebration, not only of the achievement of their fencers but also the sport of fencing. It was great to see this level of support, and to see how this amazing sport that we participate in can bring us all together. 

Red Jackets

Our red AFM jackets were so visible in the venue. With two weapons and several age/division categories, not to mention the huge local support, our fencers were literally everywhere!  This kind of camaraderie is precisely why we love competition, it brings us all together. It was amazing to see just how many of us there were, and we are so proud to have had everyone represent AFM.

Our new coaches, coach Vil and coach Nastya, participated in all of the days of the Summer Nationals, helping our fencers a lot during the events and creating a wonderful bond between students and these new coaches. This event really solidified their place in the AFM fellowship.

The results and achievements of our fencers went beyond our expectations! Our fencers worked hard and trained hard, and it paid off! One thing that we saw as an instrumental factor in the success was the Summer Nationals Preparations Camp, and the focus and discipline that our students brought to those long hours of training.

Final Results

Now for the final results from the 10 days of intensive competition!

  • Totally we got 4 medals:  two in foil and two in epee, but one more day to go!
  • Medalists: William Elloway – 5th Y10 Men’s Epee; Riley Davis – 7th Division 3 Men’s Epee; Mika Manalastas – 8th Division 2 Women’s Foil; Alan Buchwald – 8th Veteran 60 Men’s Foil
  • Many of the fencers got in top 16 and top 32 positions, and many earned nationals points, for some their first national points ever!


Final Results from 10 Days of Nationals

      • Cadet Women’s Epee: Anya Harkness – 21st

      • Division 1 Men’s Foil: Sing Ho Leung – 14th

      • Division 1A Men’s Epee: Jordan Schmidt – 65th

      • Senior Team Men’s Foil: 26th (Tristan, Ari, Maxwell)

      • Junior Women’s Epee: Taly Yukelson – 22; Anya Harkness – 75th

      • Cadet Men’s Foil: Adrian Ma – 108th

      • Senior Team Men’s Epee: AFM-1 (Alexander, Jordan, Ziad, Michael) –   30th, AFM-2 (Riley, Daryan, Arshome) – 45th

      • Division 1 Women’s Epee: Taly Yukelson – 45th

      • Senior Team Women’s Epee: AFM-1 (Anya, Taly, Jade, Kaitlyn) – 8th, AFM-2 (Ariana, Gracyna, Danielle) – 22nd

      • Veteran 50 Men’s Epee: Michael Yukelson –  55th

      • Junior Men’s Foil: Ari Lichy – 92nd

      • Division 1A Men’s Foil: Ari Lichy – 55th

      • Division 2 Men’s Epee: Alexander Javorski – 12th, Jordan Schmidt – 45th, Riley Davis – 116, Arshome Sahagun – 119

      • Division 1A Women’s Epee: Taly Yukelson – 20th, Anya Harkness – 27th

      • Division 2 Women’s Foil: Mika Manalastas – 8th

      • Veteran 60 Men’s Foil: Alan Buchwald – 8th (and renewed his C!)

      • Y14 Women’s Epee: Sonya Bulavko – 28th; Jade Welder – 46th; Kaitlyn Zou – 81th

      • Division 3 Men’s Foil: Tristan Barca-Hall – 16th

      • Cadet Women’s Foil: Anya Harkness – 95th

      • Cadet Men’s Epee: Alexander Javorski – 39th;

      • Division 2 Men’s Foil: Tristan Barca-Hall – 64th

      • Division 3 Men’s Epee: Riley Davis – 7th; Arshome Sahagun -39th ; Daryan Qawami – 113 ; Brady Alexander – 105

      • Y12 Women’s Epee: Sonia Bulavko – 57th

      • Y10 Men’s Epee: William Elloway – 5th; Sanil Sharma – 11th, Bartosh Kuligowski – 18th; Yasha Shur – 32nd, Adam Chirashnya – 44th, Owen Chavez – 46th, Eli Chavez – 56th

      • Y14 Men’s Foil: Adrian Ma – 135th, Connor Mao – 215th

      • Division 3 Women’s Epee: Kaitlyn Zou – 49th, Jade Welder – 63rd

      • Y10 Women’s Foil: Erica Castaneda – 27th, Marie-Ann Xu – 49th

      • Y12 Men’s Epee: Bartosz Kuligowski – 35th, Ethan Chu – 46th, Sanil Sharma – 62nd, Yasha Shur – 78th

      • Y12 Women’s Foil: Catherine Lange – 14th

      • Y10 Men’s Foil: Hiran Jayasekara – 49th, Adam Chirashnya – 61th, Mikey Fodor – 87th, Kenneth Hou and Joshua Cortright – 89th, Ezra Loh – 90th, Ethan Lorenz – 112th, Callum Brown – 119th

      • Division 2 Women’s Epee: Kaitlyn Zou – 78th

      • Y14 Men’s Epee: Alexander Javorski – 20th, Michael Wang – 31st, Arshome Sahagun – 32nd

      • Y14 Women’s Foil: Catherine Lange – 114th

      • Y10 Women’s Epee: Noya Chirashnya – 44rd, Angela Du – 48th, Natalie Gebala – 49th, Ishi Gaur – 50th

      • Y12 Men’s Foil: Connor Mao – 80th, Jared Otake – 108th, Hiran Jayasekara – 128th


So . . . . . see you next year at Summer Nationals in Dallas, TX!!