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Fencing Improves Agility, both Physical and Mental

Fencing Improves Agility, both Physical and MentalOne of the things that we love about fencing is that it improves agility. This starts from the very moment that a person step out to practice on that first day of training and continues to grow even in the most experienced fencers as they hone their craft. However as a sport, it doesn’t just improve our physical agility, which we would naturally expect, fencing also improves our mental agility.

How to register for US Fencing NAC’s and Nationals

How To register for US Fencing NACThe most common question we are asked by novice parents is how to register for the US fencing NAC’s and National Championships, such as Junior Olympics Championship and Summer Nationals.

When competing at local, regional, and sometimes national level tournaments,  most parents become accustomed to using the askFred interface and intuitively try to search for NAC registration there as well – to no avail!  NAC’s and National Championships are tournaments that are organized by USFA and are managed at their portal, called Railstation. So you won’t find them on askFred.

Unfortunately the Railstation interface is not the most intuitive, and without some guidelines it might be quite challenging to figure it out by yourself. With the upcoming March NAC and the regular fee registration deadline just in few days, I’ve decided to write a simple explanation that will help you to sign up your child.

Encouraging Your Child to Stick with Fencing

Encouraging Your Child to Stick with Fencin

Kids can be tough to figure out. One minute they’re super excited about something, and the next they’re completely over it! Fencing is a big commitment for a family, and it’s one that we really want to see our children succeed at. How can you encourage your child to stick with fencing?

Just as with most things in life, it’s better to act in a proactive way. Encouraging your child in positive ways all along the way will help you from getting to a moment of crisis. Here are some strategies to help you and your family make it work.

Why You SHOULDN’T Watch Your Child’s Fencing Practice

Why You SHOULDN’T Watch Your Child’s Fencing Practice

We as parents want to be as supportive of our children as we possibly can. We love our kids! We want be there for them, to spend time with them and to help them out along the way.

When it comes to fencing practice, it’s great fun to watch. There’s a reason that adults and kids alike love this sport! Being there to see them work on their skills seems like the best way to be there for them, but what if it isn’t? This seems counterintuitive, but there are some compelling reasons to rethink watching your child’s fencing practice.

Rio 2016 Olympic Fencing, a Calendar of the Lead Up Events

Rio 2016 Olympic Fencing, a Calendar of the Lead Up EventsHere we are already in 2016 and the Olympics in Rio are almost here! Rio will bring together 212 of the world’s best fencers from around the world in 10 events.

There are SO many events leading up to the games, with tons of meaningful dates. We’ve pulled together the schedule of major events leading up to Rio from across the web and put them all in one place, right here, so that you don’t have to search for them!

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