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Fencing Online – A Social Media Guide for Fencers and their Families

Fencing Online - A Social Media Guide for Fencers and their Families21st century parenting is complicated. Social media platforms have stormed onto the scene in the last fifteen years, completely changing the way that both parents and kids interact with peer groups and the wider world. Gone are the days of notes passed in class or phone calls to update far away family members on how life is going, now kids text each other and parents post videos on social media.

The online environment can in many ways be a blessing. It allows us to connect with people who have shared interests, interests like fencing. It allows us to connect with family and friends. It allows us to document our children and their accomplishments. However it can also be a curse. It’s easy to fall into negativity in the online world or to post things without thinking. Not only that, online interactions make anonymous bullying easier and can make our connections less real and more virtual.

For better or for worse, social media is here to stay. How it shapes our lives and the lives of our kids is up to us. Here are seven social media guidelines for fencers and their families.

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Nine Travel Tips to Prepare for Fencing Competition Season

Nine Travel Tips to Prepare for Fencing Competition SeasonOne of the greatest things about moving forward as a competitive fencer is that competitions are increasingly broad, taking fencers from one end of the United States to the other.

One of the most stressful things about being a competitive fencer is trying to figure out how to make the most of a heavy travel calendar that takes you from one end of the United States to the other.

How can fencing families get the kind of fencing experience that they want, stay on budget, and still have room to balance the rest of their lives outside of fencing? Here are nine competitive fencing travel tips to help you do just that.

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How to Hack your Fencing Schedule and Duties

How to Hack your Fencing Schedule and DutiesWhen I look at our own family and its fencing schedule, with four kids attending fencing lessons, classes, camps, travelling to different competitions, ranging from local to nationals, I can feel totally overwhelmed.

And I realize often, that I need to figure out what the most stressful things are, and how I can manage them more simply?

I am sure as a devoted fencing parent you also may experience a lot of stress in your fencing parenting that you would like to avoid or at least handle better. Know that you aren’t alone in this, and hopefully I will address some ways that you can manage this stress  based on my own experience and on what I see other parents do.

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Create a Fencing Scrapbook to Capture a Whole Season of Memories

fencing scrapbookEvery parent wants to capture the memories that their children make, it’s part of being a parent! But what to keep and what to get rid of can be a big challenge, especially for fencing parents who follow their children from season to season. Organizing your child’s fencing career into a scrapbook or a series of scrapbooks is easy and it takes the guesswork out of the whole thing. Not only that, it’s something the kids can get involved with and make their own!

Here are few tips for creating a fencing scrapbook to help preserve the memories of your young fencer.

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Why Do Parents Pay So Much for Fencing?

Why Do Parents Pay So Much for FencingSomething that we’ve heard people ask, more than once, is “Why should I pay so much for my child to do fencing?”

Let’s be real, fencing can be an expensive sport. Compared to soccer or track, there’s more equipment to buy and a wider range of competitions to go to. Unlike school sports, parents are footing the bill all on their own. Classes, camps, and private lessons all cost. Those bills add up, and for families that matters. So why do fencing parents do it?

The secret answer is – they aren’t paying for fencing.

That’s right, no one is paying for sword fighting lessons. They aren’t paying for trophies with fencing swords on them. They aren’t paying for cool jackets or coaches with exotic accents. They aren’t even paying to be part of a centuries old art of chivalry.  If it’s not any of those things, then what is it that they’re paying for?

Here are ten things that fencing parents are paying for when they sign their kids up for fencing lessons.

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