Inspired by Olympic FencingThe Olympics are more than just any sporting event, they invoke within us something beyond. Hearing the Olympic fanfare alone is enough to make most of us experience a heart that rushes forward, pulse racing as we get swept away with the wonder and amazement.

Olympic fencing is inspiring. There are so many reasons why, but here are just five that boil down why we feel so incredibly moved every four years.

The Athleticism

Nowhere else do we see the level of athleticism in fencing that we see in the Olympics. These athletes train hard and long for years to get here, and it shows. From the speed of their footwork to their incredible stamina as matches go on, there is something incredible about this stage that serves to show us some of the best fencing we’ll see. It is incredibly hard to qualify for the Olympics and those who succeeded are really greatest fencers in their nations.

The Attention

One of the amazing things about Olympic Fencing is that it gets more press coverage than fencing is accustomed to – and that’s inspiring. This is the level at which fencers can become household names, when our art is on the lips of everyone around us. It’s quite frankly fantastic to know that fencing will be talked about by everyone once the Olympics comes around.

The Camaraderie

Though there is a consistent sense of camaraderie in the sport of fencing all of the time, during the Olympics we see it ratcheted up.  Even though Olympic fencers compete against one another, they at once are working toward the same goal, creating the Olympic dream that we all find ourselves enjoying. This is about winning, but it’s about more than that. It’s about elevating all of us. After all, Olympics is the biggest stage in the world and they all are united by one mission.

The Passion

Fencing during the Olympics is even more electric than usual. The focus, determination and passion within the athletes is incredible. We love seeing how deeply fencers feel about the sport during this time when the world is watching, and we love the incredible fencing that it brings out in them. That passion makes us want to bring it back to our own clubs, our own practice. In the months following the Olympics, we find ourselves taking our own game to the next level as that passion stays within us.

The Pinnacle

The moment of the awarding of those medals is nothing short of heart pounding. No matter who wins, we all feel the swell of beauty as the winners are hung with their medals. There are so few Olympic gold medals awarded, and they truly represent the pinnacle of sport. Whether we might ever win one or not, we can still feel the electricity and we can take that on into our lives. As a fencer, watching someone who’s sport you share win on that level is amazingly inspiring – it makes us all feel as though we are more than we are, as though we can do more and be more.

We want to be sure to point out that the common element here is the humanity of fencing, the connection between us and these athletes. Watching fencing in the Olympics takes us to another level, to another place beyond where we’ve been. Just as these fencers are better for their participation, so too are we better for having witnessed it.