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A Call for Change: Re-running for USA Fencing Board of Directors

Rerunning for USA Fencing Board of Directors
Time For Change Representing At Present And Presently

In the world of fencing, a strong, visionary leadership at the helm is vital to the sport’s growth and development. Last year, I ran for the USFA Board of Directors, and while I did not secure a seat, my conviction to make a difference has only grown stronger. I firmly believe that now, more than ever, the board needs individuals deeply entrenched in the fencing world—people who understand the diverse perspectives of coaches, clubs, parents, fencers, and referees. People who have their feet on the ground, know the ins and outs of the sport, and are committed to growing it from the grassroots level. Together with Andrey Geva, owner and head coach of Alliance Fencing Academy, former Head Coach of Women’s Epee, and USA Fencing Hall of Famer, we are committed to steering the USFA towards a brighter, more organized future.

A Vision of Transformation

Our decision to re-run for the USFA Board of Directors isn’t driven by personal ambition but rather by a profound vision for the future of fencing in the United States. Our goal is to lead the USFA toward better organization, inclusivity, and efficiency.

As leaders with our feet firmly on the ground, we have worn many hats within the sport. From coaching on the national and International stage to experiencing fencing as parents ourselves, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the sport. This firsthand experience has equipped us with unique insights into what our fencing community needs.

The Role of the Board

The role of the USFA Board of Directors is paramount. It is not just about making decisions; it’s about making the right decisions for the sport, its athletes, and its stakeholders. We firmly believe that we are the right individuals to guide the USFA on this journey for several reasons:

1. Deep Fencing Involvement

Our long-standing involvement in fencing means we are in touch with the sport’s pulse daily. We understand the challenges and opportunities that arise within clubs, competitions, coaching, and fencing parenting. This insight allows us to make informed decisions that benefit all facets of the fencing community.

2. Comprehensive Perspective

We are committed to representing all constituents of the sport, from coaches to clubs, parents to fencers, and referees. Our diverse backgrounds ensure that no perspective is left unheard, creating a more inclusive and fair environment for everyone involved.

3. Fostering Growth

Our vision revolves around nurturing the growth of fencers from all backgrounds, aspirations, and levels of competitiveness. We are passionate about developing fencing from the grassroots up and ensuring that every athlete, whether recreational or aspiring for national and international competition, receives the support they need.

4. Inclusivity and Accountability

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusivity and accountability within USA Fencing. We believe that by promoting transparency and collaboration, we can make the organization stronger, more responsive, and more accessible to all.

5. Common Sense Decision-Making

We bring a wealth of common sense to every decision. We believe in making choices that benefit the majority and align with what is right for the sport, rather than succumbing to political considerations. Our decisions will always prioritize the best interests of the fencing community.

6. Accountability to Membership

We are committed to holding the organization accountable to its membership. We understand that the sport grew from the grassroots, fueled by the passion and knowledge of dedicated coaches and financed by the unwavering support of parents and fencers. These are the major stakeholders in the sport, and we plan to bring this strong perspective and understanding to the board.

Your Support is Vital

While we are committed to the cause, we also need your support to succeed. This isn’t just about us; it’s about the future of fencing in the United States. Most USFA members are young fencers who currently lack a voice in the organization’s decision-making. Parents must step up and have a say in this process.

Democracy thrives when people care and express their views through their votes. To be eligible to vote, you should register for Access Membership during this January. It’s a simple step that can have a significant impact on the future of fencing and the potential of your child in the sport.

Fencing is not just a sport; it’s a community, a passion, and a shared journey. By re-running for the USFA Board of Directors, we aim to represent the diverse voices within this community and shape a future where everyone’s aspirations are realized. As leaders with a profound vision and a track record of involvement, we are committed to steering the USFA towards a brighter, more organized future.

So, let’s come together, support the future of our sport, and ensure that every voice is heard. Whether you’re a coach, a parent, a fencer, or a referee, your involvement matters. Register for Access Membership, participate in the democratic process, and help us build a more organized, inclusive, and accountable future for fencing in the United States. Together, we can make a lasting difference.


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    I am similarly running for Ref Commission (RC) Nominating Committee, to provide you a RC Chair that shares your knowledge, experience, ability, vision and passion with whom you can work.

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