AFM Fencers Swept the Gold at 3 Bay Cup Women Epee Competitions in Cadet, Junior and Senior Categories. In the picture (left to right): Anya Harkness with Gold for Junior Women's Epee, Taly Yukelson with Gold for Senior Women's Epee and Nancy Zhang with Gold for Cadet Women's Epee

AFM Fencers Swept the Gold at 3 Bay Cup Women Epee Competitions in Cadet, Junior and Senior Categories

What a fantastic weekend for our AFM fencers!

The Bay Cup Women’s Epee tournament at TFC consisted of three events: Cadet Women’s Epee, Junior Women’s Epee, and Senior Women’s Epee.

Nancy Zhang and Jade Welder represented AFM in the Cadet event. Nancy won Gold and Jade won Bronze. In the next event, Junior Women’s Epee, Anya Harkness took Gold! Anya continued to the next event in this tournament, Senior Women’s Epee, where we had three additional fencers: Taly Yukelson, Natalia Rubio, and Nancy Zhang.

The girls showed really fantastic fencing: Taly won Gold and Anya won Bronze. Unfortunately Taly and Anya met in the Semi-Finals, so only one of them was destined to continue to the Finals to fence for Gold. Nancy succeeded in placing in the top 8 and earning her E rating!

Well done, girls! We are proud of you!

Marcos Sanjines took Bronze at Junior Men's Foil Bay Cup Tournament

Marcos Sanjines took Bronze at Junior Men’s Foil Bay Cup Tournament

Fifty miles north of the Bay Cup Women’s Epee tournament, at San Francisco’s Halberstadt Fencers’ Club, Marco Sanjines took Bronze in the Junior Men’s Foil tournament and upgraded his C rating. Congrats, Marco!

And finally, far away in Atlanta, Georgia at the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) tournament in the Y12 Men’s Foil category, Connor Mao fence quite well, finished 11th, earned national points, and improved his national ranking. Thank you for representing us well on the east coast, Connor!

As October is going to be rich with different competitions for our Youth and Junior fencers, we are happy to have started it on such a high note and look forward to seeing how our fencers approach these serious competitions.

Guys, we are proud of you!