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AFM Launches 2014-2015 Season!: New Fencing Classes Schedule Available Now

AFM 2014-2015 fencing classes  schedule

AFM 2014-2015 fencing classes schedule

The new fencing season has begun! In the last year we’ve seen tremendous growth in the size of our club and our youth fencers have wowed us with their ever-improving fencing prowess. Thanks to all of you and your hard work, we’ve had to make some welcome changes! Our new schedule is designed to make sure we continue to challenge our athletes and give them opportunity to grow and prepare for the 2015 Summer Nationals in San Jose. We’re announcing our new schedule, effective now, which runs from August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015. Please refer to the schedule when making your plans for the next year. We want to call a few things to your attention as you sign up for classes:

  • We’ve opened a new Youth Competitive Class. This class will be mostly formed from our current Advanced level fencers.
  • Our Intermediate class has been moved to Tuesday/Thursday, 4-5pm.
  • All private lessons need to be rescheduled for the new season. Please see Irina in the next few weeks to reschedule.
  • The Friday Conditioning Class is optional and complimentary for Competitive-level students. This class is VERY popular and space is limited, so only a small number of fencers will be selected from other levels, pending space availability.
  • Saturday morning is our Combined Competitive Youth and Junior Class.

We’ve combined  Youth and Junior Competitive classes for Saturday trainings for a few reasons:

  • An extra hour of training
  • More advanced training and drills
  • Opportunity to practice with a bigger variety of fencers
  • Juniors fencing Youths can refine their form and technique
  • Youths fencing Juniors will be challenged and pushed to the next level

Our new schedule is designed to leave us with room to grow. We are expecting another great year with talented new fencers joining our club, so we hope to create additional classes as needed without impacting the current schedule. We know it is great news for parents that we expect to have the same schedule the entire season.* We want to remind you that AFM prides itself in a personalized approach with each and every student. We want your children to be in the right classes and getting the right training and we will spend the time and energy to make sure your child is happy and challenged. We have a long staff meeting each and every month to discuss the progress of every student and whether your fencer is in the right classes. We meet with parents as needed to discuss the placement of each student to allow him or her the best chance of progressing and of getting the most enjoyment out classes and lessons. For Fencers New to AFM To join the AFM Beginner Fencing Class, contact the AFM office to schedule your first lesson (phone: 408-370-6419, email: Lastly, remember that you MUST be at least a non-competitive member of USFA to participate in any AFM classes or lessons! *While we expect no changes to the schedule and plan to stick with it if at all possible, we still ask that you check the website throughout the season rather than assuming as the schedule is technically subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.


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  1. L Mao

    Now that we are almost two months into the new schedule, I think it is safe to say that the revised times are working out well within the context of school, work, and other activities. My son however disagrees. His critique: why can’t we have fencing practice everyday? (Answer: Because other people have lives outside of fencing.)

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