Igor Chirashnya: Author of Breaking News of Tomorrow

If you read this blog consistently, you should know that I have at least three main passions that come across on these pages: fencing, education, and writing. For the last 9 years, this blog has provided me with a great platform to merge these passions into a single mission: educate as many people as I can about the great benefits of the sport of fencing via my writing.

During the pandemic, I had a daring desire to expand my writing beyond fencing and to write a novel. I had an idea, an ambition to make it happen, and, most importantly, full support from my family. And so, I did it!

My first novel, Breaking News of Tomorrow, is launched today and is available on Amazon and in your favorite Barnes and Noble bookstore. It is available in three formats: hardcover, paperback, and ebook.

Here is the novel’s blurb: 

What would you do if you knew what would happen in the world news of tomorrow?

Mike leads a quiet, unremarkable life. He is smart but lacks the charisma to rise in the ranks of his job. Tired of always being overlooked, Mike isn’t sure what to do. But all of that changes late one night, when he accidently discovers a mysterious website: Breaking News of Tomorrow.

At first, Mike assumes the website is some kind of hoax, until he realizes that it seems to know the details of a string of murders happening in his neighborhood. With Mike and his fiancé, Jenn, convinced the website may be run by the killer himself, they fear for their own safety. 

Mike soon learns that the website is much more than it seems—and Mike is not the only one paying attention. 

With Rachel Sorrow, a reporter with a reputation for cracking impossible stories, the FBI, and even the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service plotting to learn the secrets behind The Breaking News of Tomorrow, no one is safe. 

What will Mike do with the knowledge of the world’s biggest events at his fingertips the day before they happen, and when the choice is between the addiction to power or his own family, what will he choose? 

Breaking News of Tomorrow is a fast-paced, suspenseful page-turner. Packed with action, a colorful cast of characters, and philosophical questions to make you reflect on your own morals, Breaking News of Tomorrow is a debut novel you won’t be able to put down.

Today is the Launch of my book, which means that for the next 5 days, the Kindle version on Amazon is FREE! You are welcome to download it, and hopefully, you will love it so much that you will feel the urge to leave a 5-star review.

My first readers, Irina, my wife, my children, especially Daniel, and my mother-in-law, loved the book. I received tons of compliments and even a pat on the back from my mother-in-law, which I consider the highest praise for me in the last twenty years. 

However, suspecting that their judgment might be a bit biased due to their personal connection with an author, I decided to submit my book to a bunch of review sites, you know, just to get a little more sense of whether my book is a literary BS, or the opposite, a piece of irresistible art. In the following link you can find these reviews, which I am sharing with you in the act of shameless bragging, trying to convince you to make an effort and download the free Kindle version.

So, don’t wait. Go to this link and grab a free Kindle copy. You can, of course, purchase printed versions of the book if your bookshelf has a spare space or if you want me to sign it at the next competition.

And if you pay attention to the opening sentence about this novel’s debut, you will notice that I used a rather brave word combination “my first novel.” You surely know what it means. So if you want to learn more about upcoming releases of my other novels, head over to my author website and sign up for the newsletter there. Or alternatively, follow my newly minted author page on Facebook. And even better – do both! I don’t want to overuse this fencing blog with my non-fencing musings.

So I hope that if you were still on the fence about whether to download my book, you were finally convinced by those independent critics who are supposed to be good at spotting a good read.

Launching a book is like launching a startup – your success depends on customer traction and responses.

So, just click here, download the ebook, and if you enjoyed it, please leave your honest review on Amazon!

Thank you!