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Bronze to Taly Yukelson at Bay Cup Senior Women’s Epee

Taly Yukelson got Bronze at Bay Cup Women's Epee tournamentCongratulations to Taly Yukelson who got Bronze in yesterday’s high profile Senior Women’s Epee Bay Cup Tournament. Two one of the best epee fencers participated in that competition from Stanford Varsity Team – Francesca Bassa and Vivian Kong. Those who are new to fencing (and particularly epee fencing): Kong is current NCAA 2014 champion and Bassa is NCAA 2014 vise-champion! So you can imagine how intense the competition was. Francesca defeated Taly 15-9 in semi-finals and went on to win the tournament by defeating Vivian in final, who in semi-finals defeated Katarzyna Trzopek (another renown  fencer in the pack – former member of Polish National Team and Penn State varsity fencer).

Well done – Taly! It is very nice to see you on the podium with these ladies!


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  1. fencer2016

    Katarzyna Trzopek is also a two-time former NCAA women’s epee champion.

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