Fencing Summer Nationals Online ResourcesIt’s TIME!! Fencing Summer Nationals is upon us. Everyone is so excited about the events that are happening over the next 10 days, as we all wait with baited breath to find out how everything is going to turn out for fencers all over the country.

How can you participate in the Summer Nationals and the July Challenge if you’re not headed out? The great news is that there are PLENTY of online resources to help you stay connected with everything that’s going on at this giant event. Here is all of the important information.

Getting Connected to Schedules and Results

First off, you’ll need to know when the events that you want to see are happening.. For that, you’ll want to head over to USA Fencing’s website and their page at http://www.usfencing.org/2016champ-julychal . What you’ll find here is a list of each of the events, when they’re happening, and a link to click that will take you to the details of what’s going on, including who’s competing and what the results were of each match – live!

These pages are output of tournament software program called “Fencing Time”, and they are marvelously detailed and just absolutely easy to navigate. This is a place to get lost in all of the results!

Summer Nationals and the July Challenge in Pictures

The other place that you can go to see results is the Facebook page of USFA Fencing. https://www.facebook.com/USAFencing/?fref=ts&rf=119999804713286 . While this isn’t nearly as comprehensive as what you’ll find on the website, the great thing here is that you’ll find lots of great pictures of the athletes uploaded regularly.

Within hours of the matches, you’ll find pictures of the big bouts and the winners. It’s pretty fantastic! You can also go check out the Facebook pages of individual clubs for pictures, and these are always great resources to get more in depth information about all of the matches.

Almost Live Video of the Matches!

Do you really want to see those amazing bouts but can’t make it out to the venue? While unfortunately this amazing event isn’t covered live as are the fencing nationals in other countries (fencing is such a niche sport in the US), that doesn’t mean that we’re completely without video of the matches. Luckily we’ve got some amazing resources online today!

USA Fencing posts final bouts videos on its YouTube page in a quite a timely manner. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1oc3twlZObCWUh2rsYMdig You’ll find that you get to see all of the final bouts within hours of their being fought. It’s not as nice as watching live, but it’s mighty close. Check out the video as it comes up! You’ll be able to quickly tap into what’s happening.

The videos are beautifully shot and include information about the participants. They really are a wonderful thing, and thanks to USFA for putting them out there for all of us to enjoy!

If you didn’t make it out to Summer Nationals this year, don’t worry – you can still participate by following all of the fun online! Good luck to all of the participants!