Many Ways to Enjoy Fencing This SummerThe long summer days mean that there’s a lot more time to do things that we wouldn’t normally get to do, a time to hang out and get into all kinds of good stuff. Sometimes figuring out what kind of good stuff to get into can be a challenge – it’s easy to stay in our same old routines. But never fear! Enjoy fencing this summer!

We’re here with some fun ideas to help you get more out of your summer and to do more things with fencing, things that you probably haven’t thought about before.

  1. Practice fencing outside. We at AFM really believe in getting outdoors, in fact we love the park right across from our club! There’s just something invigorating about practicing in the sunshine.
  2. Check out Summer Nationals. Whether you’re going or not, Summer Nationals are a huge event in fencing every year. There are lots of opportunities to watch online and to follow the action, and also SO much inspiration to be had.
  3. Scrapbook your fencing. It seems like during the year there’s just never enough time to do all of the fun things, so why not create a scrapbook of your fencing year? The walk down memory lane is always a fun one.
  4. Clean your gear. Ok, so maybe this doesn’t sound FUN fun, but it will definitely feel better and that’s very much enjoyable!
  5. Get social online. Kids especially are spending time on social media today. When you’re surfing, look around for great fencing schools, individuals and resources on social media like Facebook and Instagram. You’ll then be that much more in touch with everything and everyone throughout the coming year!
  6. Watch fencing in the Olympics. Rio is coming on fast! Get a schedule and get ready to watch the best fencers in the world go for the gold.
  7. Footwork in the waves. Head to the beach and work those moves in the tide of the ocean. It’s truly a great deal of fun and you’ll find that the resistance you get from the weight of the ocean water will really help you to strengthen those muscles.
  8. Read a book about fencing. We’ve got some great suggestions if you don’t know which one! This is especially good for kids who might not be crazy about keeping up with their studies – so give them something really fun to read about!
  9. Invite a friend to your club. During the summer there are fewer things going on, so now is the perfect time to bring a friend out to the club to check it out. Who knows, you might spark a lifelong passion in someone you know.
  10. Personalize your stuff. Whether it’s your fencing bag, your planner, your computer or your car, why not cover it in fencing? Get a great fencing bumper sticker and stick it to your car or your water bottle. Grab a fencing notebook for the upcoming school year, or to just write down your thoughts in. Show your fencing pride!
  11. Learn more about points. The point system is a mystery to many fencers when it comes to competition. Summer is a great time to dig in and figure it out, well before you need to know in the fall and spring. It’s actually not that complicated, it just seems to be, and it’s really fun to master something new!
  12. Get more fit. Summer is a great time to improve your body through exercise. Start a jogging regimen, take up swimming, or even do some yoga – the more you stretch and work your body, the better your fencing will feel.
  13. Check out a fencing film. The Princess Bride, Three Musketeers, on and on. There are so many cool movies out there with fencing in them!
  14. Surf YouTube for fencing. Do you know how many cool fencing videos there are on YouTube? THOUSANDS (this is not an exaggeration). Get inspired by watching some of the amazing fencing online, from international championships to fun bouts to local events. It’s all there.
  15. Write a poem/story about fencing. Let that creativity flow and write about fencing! It can be anything from silly to moving to serious, but just let loose and enjoy. Then share it with friends and family!
  16. Invite your coach to coffee. Competition season is over all but for Nationals, so summer is a great time to connect with your coaches and to learn more about them. Fencing coaches tend to be marvelously interesting people, so take some time to listen to those stories and to soak up all of that knowledge!
  17. Window shop for gear. With some of that free time, learn all about the latest in fencing gear either by checking it out online or by heading to your local shop. We’re not saying to go splurge on the big stuff, but just looking can be SO much fun.
  18. Get a fencing pen pal. We often connect with other fencers at competition – people that we admire or who we had fun competing against. Dig out those contacts and reconnect! You can share experiences, enjoy each other’s stories, and learn more about fencing.
  19. Bone up on the history of fencing ; How much do you really know about fencing? There are lots of histories online, so dig deeper and learn more about where the sport came from.
  20. Show off your skills. Headed to visit some relatives this summer? Then show off some of those great fencing skills! Do it right in the backyard, and treat those visiting relatives to a practice bout or just show of your footwork. Fencing is impressive, and it’s something that many people don’t ever have a chance to see in person.
  21. Write a fan letter. Do you have a famous fencer that you just really admire and aspire to be like? Then write them a fan letter! You might well get something back.
  22. Watch The Fencer. Yes, we already said something about fencing movies, but this movie is truly something special, and if you haven’t seen it yet then pop some popcorn and get ready to be taken on a tremendous journey.
  23. Summer camp! The last thing we’ll talk about is fencing summer camp, because these camps really are one of the absolute most fun things you can do this summer when it comes to fencing. You’ll learn a lot, have a great time, and make some incredible lasting memories.

Can you do all twenty-three of these before school starts again? It’s worth a try!