Spooky Fencing Story1 (2)It’s that time of year – when we’re all thinking about spooky things, scary things, Halloweeny things. We love this season! It’s a time for everyone to start thinking creatively and expressing themselves with wild abandon. The rules can bend, and you can literally be anything you want to be for a day! This time of year lends itself to letting go and allowing our creativity to shine through – something that is valuable both in sport and in life.

Creativity is a life skill

Success has lots of components, but chief among them is the ability to adapt to situations quickly and adequately. Thinking on our feet is how we make it! Creativity is the spark of life. That fire of imagination is what makes the world so wonderful, and also what leads to success in sport and in the game of life. Think about it – those people who think outside of the box are the people who have the most impact on the world. Those are the people who rise to the top!

Creative fencers are the most exciting opponents, they keep us guessing and encourage us to hone our skills. And guess what – when we learn to be innovative in one area, that skill transfers to all areas! Sport allows us to explore where we’re going in a safe environment, to play with the possibilities while still aiming for a goal.

Spooky Fencing Story1 (3)Creativity can be taught!

What’s amazing is that while most people think that creativity is something that a person has or doesn’t have from birth, it’s really something that we all have; some people just learn to harness it more effectively than others. Letting that creativity shine through is something that can be learned! Teachers and parents, coaches and mentors can all help kids to let it loose. What we know is that making connections across disciplines, seeing the unity that is life, is what truly fuels creativity.

In the spirit of that, we hold the Spooky Fencing Story Contest to encourage our students in the development of their creative skills, in expressing themselves in all kinds on ways. The kids writing was really dynamic and fantastic, and we’re so excited to see the wonderful results.

Now onto those amazing stories! As submitted by our incredible young fencers.

Table of Contents

  1. The Story about a Big Dream of a Little Monster by Mika Chirashnya, 7 y.o. from Advanced Foil Class
  2. A HALLOWEEN FENCING STORY  by Daniel Chirashnya, 7 y.o. from Advanced Foil Class
  3. The Magical Night of Halloween by Noya Chirashnya, 9 y.o. from Competitive Youth Epee class
  4. Dying Twice by Joshua Joseph Chavez Cotright , 9 y.o. from Advanced Foil class
  5. The Lion, The Witch, and the Fencer by Catherine Lange, 13 y.o. from Competitive Foil Class
  6.  Scary Halloween Fencing Story by Joshua Lei, 13 y.o. and Jacob Lei, 11 y.o. from Advanced Epee Class
  7. The Phantom of the Fencing Mask by Maia Shama, 9 y.o.,  Tara Venkatesh, 13 y.o. Kiana Hojabri, 12 y.o.,  Audrey Taylor, 13 y.o.  from Advanced Epee Class
  8. Spooky Fencing Story by Sanil Sharma, 11 y.o.

Spooky Fencing Story1 (1)


The Story about a Big Dream of a Little Monster

by Mika Chirashnya, 7 y.o. from Advanced Foil Class

There was a nicest monster on the Earth named Greenya. She was very little one, and she had a beautiful green skin. Ever since she could remember herself, she always wanted to win a grant Halloween Candy Hunt prize in the whole  Monsterland  getting a big round of applause.  

One day her mom came home with a colorful flyer:

–  Greenya, guess what, this year you can win the biggest prize ever – to own the candy shop!

To own a candy shop?!! It was all monsters biggest dream! Yummy! Monsters loved candies more than anything else. That’s why their beloved holiday was Halloween. Why? Simple – because on Halloween night they could combine two major loves of their lives: to scary real people and eat tons of candies! Yeah! They run into crowded streets, between haunted houses, decorated stores and scarred kids whose hands were full of candy. And who will keep it calm when scary-hairy monster will stand in front of you in a darkness? Even brave parents were running away taking their screaming children! That’s it, take their candy and go to the next kid to scary her!

Biggest prize ever! Greenya took a look at the flyer and she could not believe her big eye:

– But mom, how can I…. I am so small, and not the scariest one!

– Fight your fears, – told mom. –  Why do you think you can not follow your dreams like anyone else? Work hard, believe in yourself! Always! You can take this candy shop, sure thing!

Greenya always believed her mom, so she was looking forward to her big night.

The big night came. Greenya and her best friend Violet were ready to go out on a Halloween night.

– Look at her! She is so small, and she has only one eye and just two arms. We have four strong arms, and four strong legs to be the scariest monsters on the Earth. She never will win a contest!

But  Violet  told them:

– Hey, where are your monstrous-manners? Be respectful to other monsters! Be nice! We will try to win this year – yes!

The Halloween sounds were loud, every monster was exited and all ran fast to the streets of the Big Town. Once Greenya and Violet ran were everybody ran. They saw the monsters scaring the people in the town. Greenya saw a building with a fencing sigh on it . She told Violet she saw a building with a fencing sigh.    Greenya and Violet decided to scare people there:

– Let’s try to scary these people in white!

 Greenya went one way,  Violet went the other way.  They both came into the building. Greenya scared some people, but they all laughed:

– Hey, look who is here? What a fun costume of monsters! – many kids were standing around them and laughed loud.

Violet tried the same thing, but they all laughed too.

The fencers were all in costumes. They were having a costume  competition. One tall man came out of this children crowd and said:

– Boys and girls, I think these two costumes of monsters won!!!! We have winners! Take our biggest prize – huge sucks with chocolate!  Now the time to show your faces! Take your costumes off!

Greenya and Violet said :

– We are not in costumes! We ARE monsters!

Kids were even more happy:

– Yes, sure, you are monsters. Now take your costumes off!

  Greenya and Violet roared at coach her very scary roar.  But the coach laughed even more:

– Bravo! Winners!  Come to fence now!

What? To fence with PEOPLE? Then monsters jumped over the window and ran away with their sweet trophies.

And you know what, they actually won the contest bringing two big sacks of candy. You don’t need to be the scariest or the biggest one to win. Sometimes it just happen even to small ones little monsters. Un until these days Greenya and Violet own a little candy shop “Monstro-Candy”. Come to visit them  this Halloween!

The End

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by Daniel Chirashnya, 7 y.o. from Advanced Foil Class

One time there was a fencing club with a lot of fencers. The name of the fencing club was ACADEMY OF FENCING WINNERS. In the club there was a girl whose name was Fiona. Fiona was 7 years old pretty girl with long blond hair. She was the smallest fencer in her Intermediate fencing class. Even though all the boys and most of girls could beat her, she really loved fencing!                                                       

Fiona dreamed to get a medal. At least one shiny medal.  She had no medals at all! All the older kids got medals for fencing. But she never told anyone that she wanted a medal. Fiona loved fencing and she knew that medals are not important. The important thing is hard work! 

            The story happens in a spooky Halloween night. Fiona was trick-or-treating when she suddenly heard screams on the street. She ran all the way following the noise. When the girl came there was a boy scared by a bully who was dressed like a zombie. Fiona was dressed like a fencer, so she took her sword and bravely said: “Hey, Zombie-boy, back of, you are a bully!” The boy turned around and shoved Fiona. When Fiona fell down she got hurt really badly. 

The boy said: “Fiona, you do not need to protect me.”

Fiona said: “How do you know my name?”  The boy said: “You are from my fencing class”. Fiona took a closer look and said: “Oh, ya, you are from my fencing class! Hi Ben!” Then Fiona took her sword and said to the bully: “Say sorry to the boy. Otherwise I will fight you with my sword right now! BTW, I am a champion at fencing! Protect yourself!” 

The bully looked scared. He stepped back and said:” Sorry, Ben, I am so sorry. I will not take your candy!” And he ran away.

  When Fiona came back to her fencing class the next day. The whole class was standing in front of her.  The coach handed her a medal. “Is it for me” said Fiona. Why?” Ben said: “Because you protected me! This is a medal of  …… bravery!

The End


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The Magical Night of Halloween

by Noya Chirashnya, 9 y.o. from Competitive Youth Epee class

Stella and Sophia were on the front porch. They were babysitting Sophia’s little brother Jack.  Jack was the sweetest one-year-old boy in the world, but the time was ticking, the Halloween night was about to begin, and  the girls were nervously waiting for Sophia’s mom to come and let them to go trick-or-treating.

Every Halloween Stella and Sophia, best friends since their first grade, for five years in a row wore the same style  fun costumes. There were already double witches, black mice, clowns, and even sandwiches last year. This year they decided to be two pretty lady bugs. It was actually Sophia’s idea, and their moms made them a perfect shiny black and red fluffy lady bugs costumes. The girls were so happy, they were ready to come out for trick-o-treating. Stella sat down in front of Sophia and asked her looking straight in her eyes:

-Sophia, do you believe in magic?

Sophia thought, and thought, and thought…  Finally she turned her wheel chair to Stella:

-Yes… well, probably yes. I never tried these crazy things before. I never had any magic in my life, I wish I could! – Sophia frowned.

-Why not? What if it’s true and magic exists? If so, you have a chance to try some magic and have your legs be strong again! And then finally you will live up your dream… OK, listen,  I have a secret to share with you, – told Stella. – Promise to keep it!

-Pinkie swear! – exclaimed Sophia with a big smile like it was her birthday.

-You know, someone just told me that once in ten years on Halloween night – which is exactly today! –  Rosie, the famous fortune teller helps first ten people to make up their biggest dreams. This year is her 50th birthday and she will help first 50 people! We have a chance! If your mom will not completely late tonight! 

-Seriously, Stella, you believe in this kind of magic?

-Sophia, what if… What if it’s true? I know that in your heart you dream to be a fencer, just like me. We will fence together!

-The girls looked up at the wall clock. The time was 9 o’clock.  The door opened and Sophia’s mom came finally home.

– Sorry girls, thanks for the babysitting! Go! Enjoy your Halloween fun! Don’t go to unknown places! Deal? Sophia, no questions, your big brother Jake is going with you! Jake, thank you!

Seriously? They need their own babysitter! But there was zero chance that Sophia’s mom will change her mind.  Jake helped his sister push the chair out and they went to the colorful black-and-orange street! It was crowded around. Little monsters, angels and witches were running from house to house asking for candy. The girls begged Jake to change direction and go to one haunted house they wanted to see.

Jake was not happy but he was a nice big brother:

– Just one house and we will go back to our street, OK?

So, Jake, Stella, and, Sophia ran to the haunted house were Rosie was sitting. On the way there Stella said:

– Wait, I think I saw a child alone and abounded on the street.

When they went to the place where Stella said she saw the girl,  they saw a girl around age 3.

-Ladybug?  – Said the girl.

-What is your name? – Asked Sophia.

– My name is Suzie. –  The little girl said.

-Where are your parents? –  Asked Stella.

– My parents gone, I am lost. – started to cry Suzie.

– Do you want to sit on me?- Said Sophia. – Don’t worry, we will find your parents!

– Come on, we are going to be late!-  Said Stella. – We will go to police right after Rosie’s house!

And they all went to the Rosie’s Haunted house. Jake said he was going to wait outside with little Suzie, and Stella and Sophia went ahead to go get in line. They hoped that they were not too late. They waited and waited, and the longer they waited, the more they lost hope. Finally it was their turn.

– The last one in the line, please! – they heard a strong voice inside the house. – Number 50, come in!

– Go, go Sophie. Don’t be afraid, ask for legs!- Said Stella. – Go to your dream!

– No.  – Said Sophia. –  I know exactly what to ask Rosie…

When they went inside Sophia suddenly said:

-I want… I want little Suzie’s parents to find her! This is my dream!

-What?! Why didn’t you ask to have healthy legs? – Asked Stella.

-My mom always told me to be kind to others, and then you can find your happiness! It will make me happy to see little Suzy smiling again! I’ll be alright…

-The girls came out of strange house in complete silence. Jake was waiting for them with his mouth open.

–   Guess what! Suzie’s parents just came by and took Suzie!

–  Wow! Cool.  – Said Stella.

–  That’s really cool, I guess my wish was granted! –  Sophia smiled.

The next day Sophia went to watch Stella’s fencing class. It was a fun place, Sophia liked to come and watch her friend. Stella’s coach suddenly went up to Sophia and he said:

–  Hey, Sophia, I have a great news for you! We are going to add wheelchair fencing strips and you are invited to the fencing class!

– Yay!  – Said Sophia. – Hooray! You see, Stella. I told you,  I will be fine! This is the happiest day of my life! Probably Rosie’s magic helped me?

–  Honestly, I don’t think so, Sophie. Your kind heart, what is a real magic! – hugged her Stella.

And that was the End of The Magical Night of Halloween.

The End

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Dying Twice

by Joshua Joseph Chavez Cotright  , 9 y.o. from Advanced Foil class

My invitation was glorious.  One minute I’m in the bathroom, and the next minute I find an envelope on the table.  Weird.  Fortunately, it was to the fencing summer nationals.  The competition was in Minnesota.  Just thinking about the trip made me feel sick.  All those miles I had to travel.  Ugh. 

            I hate to brag, but I think i’m extremely good at fencing.  I might even get first place in the summer nationals.  Someday, I might be the best fencer in the world.  So, I packed up and found the perfect hotel online, for just $99.99.  Then, I boarded the plane a few days later and set off, rethinking my decision about going to the nationals because I might lose in public, and everyone would tease me.

            When the plane crashed, I was lucky, even though I was in the plane.  Not that falling part, but surviving that one and a half mile drop.  I stood up and brushed the dirt and grime off my clothes.  I was bleeding all over, but other than that I was fine. And I was in Minnesota. My hotel was a few yards away. I walked about 90 yards. There was a bottomless pit and there were moaning sounds coming from the inside of the pit. I did NOT want to find out what the heck was in there.  My room was room number thirteen.  I thought that I would lose because some people think that thirteen is an unlucky number.   I’m one of those people.  Finally, the competition came, and my competitive edge and confidence grew stronger.

            When I got to the competition, I instantly noticed the guy with all his equipment on.  Why would anyone want to wear that in the middle of July?  There were hundreds of competitors.  I was in pool number thirteen.  Why were there so many thirteens?!  Anyhow, I managed to beat everyone and I kept getting easy people to fence against in the table of 396 to the table of 8, but the semifinals was a whole different story…

            I realized they forgot to do the testing.  I did not think it would be like this: I took a really deep breath.  I did NOT fall out of a plane to lose.  I lunged… and missed.  I tried again.  And missed yet again.  This opponent was really intimidating me now.  I looked through his mask… and something flickered.  I alerted the ref about the test and the flickering.  He smacked his forehead and muttered under his breath.  When I tried to touch him, my blade passed right through him.  Of course!  He was a ghost.  And he got a black card.  Serves him right for cheating.  He turned out to have the power to make people forget importaint things, which pretty much summed up the ref incident.  At least he didn’t do that to me.  I wouldn’t know what I’d forget.

            The final bout overjoyed me.  I had the same guy fence me in the pools.  So, I pretty much wrecked his chance of winning.  Winning the nationals glorified me.  On the plane home, I fidgeted with my gold medal and knew it was better than any.  I was one step closer to my goal of being the world’s best champion for a long time.  I was ready to take on any challenge, anytime and anywhere.  I don’t let little things like that bother me, and I’m very proud of it.

The End 

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The Lion, The Witch, and the Fencer

by Catherine Lange, 13 y.o. from Competitive Foil Class

It was Halloween night, and a lion, a witch, and a fencer were walking down the poorly lit street hunting for candy. It was the end of the night, and the leaves made a satisfying crunch underneath their feet as they walked on the sidewalk.

“I want more candy.” Said Ted, the five­year­old lion.

“But we’ve already walked all over the town!” Exclaimed the witch, his older sister Anne.

“Well, not everywhere.” responded Oliver, flourishing his sword.

“What do you mean?” asked Anne.

“Well, there’s still the old mansion at the end of Sycamore Street.” Oliver said. Anne stared at her friend incredulously. Oliver was new to town, he had just moved in last week.

“We can’t go there!” Anne told him.

“And why not?” Oliver inquired, staring at her with his piercing blue eyes.

“Because it’s haunted of course. Everyone knows that.” Anne answered. Oliver rolled his eyes.

“It’s not haunted. It’s just an old house that looks kind of creepy.” He said. Anne stared at him.

“Say what you will, but that place is haunted. Strange things happen there every

Halloween.” She said.

“That’s stupid. It’s just an urban legend.” Oliver snapped haughtily.

“Prove it.” Said Ted, looking up at his older neighbor with wondering eyes.

“Fine, I’ll prove it.” Oliver declared, and made his way up the old cobblestone steps. Ted and his sister watched from the sidewalk.

“If you die in there, you know nobody will find your body.” Anne hollered. Ted

unwrapped a lollipop. Oliver eased open the rickety door.

“Wait! Fine, Oliver, we’ll come with you.” Anne yelled, gathering up her long black skirt and bounding down the path after him. It was too late, Oliver was already in the house, all alone with no one to help him.

It was dark in the mansion. Either there were no lights, or the bulbs had burned out long ago, because the only light that got in was from the moon. Oliver was just about to leave, and prove to his friends that the place wasn’t haunted when the door stuck fast under his touch.

“That’s odd” he thought, “the door was working just find a second ago.” As he struggled with the lock, something cackled behind him.

“Oliver, you won’t get out that way.” A shimmer glinted from the right side of the room.

“Who’s there?” Oliver called, starting to get a little bit afraid now. Maybe Anne was right. Something laughed again.

“They warned you, didn’t they?” it taunted. Oliver spun around, trying to find the source of the voice.

“How do you know my name?” he asked, trying to stall. Something cold pressed against his throat. A drop of blood fell against the carpet. Oliver would have swallowed, if that didn’t mean his throat would get closer to the knife. His hand tightened around his sword. Someone behind him leaned in close, their hot breath making the hairs on Oliver’s neck prickle.

“I know everything.” It whispered. With a shout, Oliver elbowed the figure in the stomach and ran for the door, slamming it open with his shoulder, and rushing into the cold night air, shivering.

“What happened?” asked Anne, “It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“There’s something in there. It’s not right. You’re right, Anne, that place was haunted.”

Oliver said. Anne smirked, to Oliver’s annoyance.

“Let’s just go home” he said. So, the lion, the witch, and the fencer all headed home on a poorly lit street, on Halloween night. 

The End

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Scary Halloween Fencing Story  

by Joshua Lei, 13 y.o. and Jacob Lei, 11 y.o. from Advanced Epee Class

Once upon a time, there was  an adolescent fencer named Andrew.  Andrew has been fencing for about six months and he has started really liking fencing.  Andrew and his club members are really close buddies, and they had an idea of meeting up at his house to trick-or-treat around his neighborhood.  On Halloween night, Andrew told his fencing buddies to dress up in their uniforms as their Halloween costume.

Then, at 8:30 P.M., Andrew and his buddies were all waiting at his house to start trick-or-treating.  Once they were all ready, Andrew and his friends walked out with huge pillow cases, with ambitions to get more candy then their friends.  They started walking around the neighborhood, briskly seeking for a lot of sweets.  When they got to the end of the street, they all saw a gigantic, dark, shady-looking mansion, which looked like a real haunted house.  Andrew, being the most curious person, wanted to go inside that haunted house.  Eventually, Andrew persuaded his buddies to follow him into the haunted house. 

            Once Andrew and his buddies were inside the haunted house, it looked as if the house had not been inhabited in for many years.  It had the scent of molding wood and moisture.  The building looked like the structure would come down any second and flatten them.  The room had vast amount of holes in the floor and had a very creepy, dark vibe to it, for it had sharp turns between hallways that were very dark and the hallways being very narrow, dark, and smelly with many different doors to go through.

            When Andrew and his friends saw this, all of his friends wanted to get as far away as they could from this house.  However, Andrew wanted to stay in the house and explore more into the house, saying that they had flashlights and they could travel as groups to explore.  With his very wide, bright, and charming smile, he convinced his group of friends to explore more into the house.  They explored the first floor relatively quickly, all meeting at the entrance to the house.  Once again, his friends now wanted to go home now, as it was already 1:30 A.M. and they wanted to see their winnings and sleep.  Again, he persuaded his friends to go up the stairs to explore the second floor.  This was not easy because his friends knew that the second floor had many long, winding hallways that could get somebody lost. 

When Andrew and his buddies opened the door to the second floor, all of them saw something unexpected.  They saw numerous fencing strips with working scoring machines, and, most surprisingly, people waiting for them. 

“What in the world?!?” bellowed Andrew. 

All of his companions were starting to scream frantically in high pitches, for they thought that the fencers were ghosts.  One of the fencers waiting for Andrew’s group to stop screaming like little children announced, “We want you to fence us.  Each of you will be paired up with one person for a team competition to 20 touchés.  If you are defeated, you will have to hand over your candy bags, but if you lose by one, you get another chance.  If you win, then you can go home quietly. 

Andrew and his group shouted in protest, “No!!!”

“Well, you really don’t have much of a choice,” explained one of the fencers, as the steel entry doors slammed shut, and the lock clicked in place.

As the fencers of the haunted house waited eagerly to dominate the visitors, Andrew and his group gulped in fear and started to connect to the strip score machines.  As the fencers finish connecting to the strips, the first strip steps to En Garde line, preparing to fence to keep or lose their ultimate prize: their candy.    

As Andrew and his opponent advanced toward each other, Andrew shortly found out that these fencers were very skilled.  Andrew rallied four consecutive touches, but his opponent came back into the bout, leaving the score at 5-3.  Andrew’s next friend did not do as well as Andrew’s high bar of expectations.  His opponent score two touches in a row, then Andrew’s friend tied the bout at 2-2.  Double touching all the way, Andrew’s friend left the bout at 10-8.  Andrew’s third friend did really well against his mystery opponent, dominating the score to 5-0, making the overall bout 15-8.  Andrew’s final friend got too cocky, and let the opponent catch up 15-13.  As the haunted house fencers called a timeout for one minute, the fencers strategized about their next game plan.  One of the topics talked about in the huddle was to not stay cocky, but not to attack constantly, risking a lot of chances to counter-attack.  After the one minute timeout, the bout resumed.  As Andrew’s last friend fenced, he took Andrew’s advice to heart, and played more defensively, knowing that double touches are good for them, but not to their opponent.  Double touching all the way, the final score was 20-18.

The haunted house fencers shook hands with each other, and let Andrew’s group go back with all their candy unharmed.  By the time that Andrew’s group left the haunted house, it was already 5:30 A.M., and evidently, the adolescent’s parents were not happy with their children, for it was Halloween and a lot of creepy things can happen.  As Andrew and his friends “walked” back home to safety, Andrew and his friends said nothing, for they did not believe what they had just done. 

After Andrew and his friends arrived back at Andrew’s house, the kids all saw their parents staring with much discontent at their kids.  As soon as the kids noticed, they all started babbling about what had just happened. 

Andrew finally shouted, “Alright guys, stop!  One person at a time.  So basically… we went into this creepy haunted house, saw some dudes and they wanted to fence us for our candy.  We won, and then we left.”

Andrew’s parents sighed with relief, “Okay, at least you guys are safe and have no harm.”

Andrew and his parents help usher his friends home.  After this crazy night, Andrew immediately took a shower, and went to bed…

The End

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The Phantom of the Fencing Mask  

Maia Shama, Tara Venkatesh, 13 y.o. Kiana Hojabri, 12 y.o.,  Audrey Taylor, 13 y.o.  from Advanced Epee Class

Hi. My name is Maia. You might have heard about what happened on Halloween. Honestly, it wasn’t even my fault this time! The Phantom did it. It all started on Halloween during a fencing mask competition. My friends and I were comparing our masks when we noticed another fencer with a totally black mask. I mean, most fencing masks are black, but this mask was so black that you couldn’t see anything behind it at all. The coaches clapped their hands, signaling that we should suit up. I rushed through the door to the girl’s locker room, eager to put on my fencing jacket. As I was grabbing my glove, I heard the boys screaming. It sounded like someone had pushed Basilina off the staircase! Audrey, Kiki, Tara, and I quickly ran out to see the commotion. We arrived in time to see someone being driven away in an ambulance. Kiki asked Tara if she had heard anything before Basilina was hurt. Tara replied, “I just heard her scream and say something about shoes. I was tangled in my shoulder guard strap, so I didn’t investigate.” Audrey gasped, “I know who must have hurt Basilina! Remember that guy in the black mask? Well, he’s not here anymore! I bet he is hurting all the people with purple and orange shoes! Think about it. Basilina was dressed the same way as all of us, but her shoe color was different! I bet the Phantom will go after Jackie next, because she has purple and orange shoes too!” I said, “Wait, what do shoes have anything to do with this? Who is this Phantom?” Audrey explained, “The Phantom is my name for the guy in the black mask. Don’t you think it sounds more dramatic? Anyways, my shoe theory is the only thing we can do to stop the Phantom.”  One of the coaches shouted for us to come down and fence. We shrugged at each other and ran down the stairs. I plugged my body cord in and looked across at my opponent. I swallowed as I realized who I was

fencing against. Audrey whispered, “Good luck fencing the Phantom.” I saluted, waiting for the Phantom to take his mask off when… Jackie asked, “Maia, who are you saluting to? There is no one there! You are on hold right now.” I sputtered in disbelief, “Can’t you see him? The guy with the black mask? You know, the Phantom?” Audrey exclaimed, “I knew there was something fishy going on! We are the only ones that can see the Phantom! Nobody else will believe us if they can’t see him!” I sneaked a glance at the Phantom only looking out of the corner of my eye. Wait, what??? I sneaked a glance again. Still the same picture. The Phantom had disappeared! I muttered to myself, “Either I am going crazy, or this Phantom is real!” I fenced Audrey, but I discovered that I had forgotten to put my chest plate on. Ouch! I dashed up the stairs and crashed into the Phantom! I excused myself and waited for the Phantom to say, “That’s OK,” or “No, sorry, that was my fault.” However, the Phantom kept walking down the stairs as though I never existed. I slipped on my chest plate and trudged to the fencing strip.  I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I knew I was going to regret this day. Forever. 

At the end of class I wanted to know a lot of things. I wanted to know who, or what the Phantom was, so I followed it’s next suspected target, Jackie. Due to the color of her shoes ( purple and orange), I trailed her across the street. Then, there I saw it: the Phantom. I wanted to scream at Jackie, for she could not see it. The Phantom leaned over Jackie. My heart pounding, I started to run towards Jackie. She was still not aware of me or the Phantom looming over her. I stood next to Jackie and took her hand. The Phantom peered over both of us now. I tried to rip off the mask which beheld its identity.  

The Phantom growled angrily, pushing me into a bush, “Verily, ye be a pernicious clapper clawed death-token! A pox upon thee! And Maia, ye be next.”    

I never saw Jackie again.

The End

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Spooky Fencing Story

By: Sanil Sharma, 11 y.o.

Chapter 1 Hello! Time to Die!

Wow! Dying and coming back to life is awesome (sarcasm intended). It all started when I was going to the SYC in Phoenix Arizona.

It was 5:00 A.M. and I had just woken up. I sat up groggily and rubbed my eyes. My breath smelled like dead animals. I hurried to the bathroom and gazed upon myself in the mirror. My hair was a rat’s nest and I looked like I had slept in a dumpster. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, etc. etc. Finally, I got dressed in a standard fencing uniform – white socks, shoes, shirt, and knickers. It didn’t look that bad (in the photos). I then thundered down the brown oak wood stairs waiting for my dad. 

Chapter 2 I get to see Dead Vampires!

Great! I get my blood sucked by vampires and die in agonizing pain. But enough of that story. Let’s talk about how I died. My dad finally came down the stairs as we proceeded to enter our garage. We entered the car in silence. My dad had a saying, “Don’t waste your energy doing things unnecessary”. We totally have so much in common (more sarcasm). When we finally reached the airport, my dad finally spoke. “Help me with the bags.” It sounded more like a command rather than a question. Reluctantly, I helped him with the suitcases as I suddenly felt ten thousand daggers on my leg. I gazed down to see a bat’s fangs engulfed in my left thigh. I screamed just as I saw yellow dots in my eyes. My vision blurred as I blacked out. 

Chapter 3 Good Night Pain, Hello Rabies (JK)

I half expected to wake up in a hospital and have a doctor tell me I had rabies. But here I was in a hospital, but there was no doctor. And there was

definitely no rabies. I struggled to get up and realized I was strapped in the chair. I then saw a doctor come in with a mirror and tell me I had been in a coma for 18 years. She then gave me a mirror so I could see myself. What I saw made me scream. I had grown a white Gandalf beard and had a scar on my left cheek. The doctor left me with two pills. One pill let me go to sleep and I would wake up tomorrow. The next pill made me go to sleep and never return. I chose the second option.

The End

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