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Why a Fencer Would Always Survive in a Scary Movie

Why a Fencer Would Always Survive in a Scary Movie

Have you ever watched a scary movie and thought, “No, stop! Why are you going for a drive in the middle of nowhere with no gas on Halloween night! The bad guy will definitely get you!” One of the most consistent parts of those chilling films is that people make bad decisions that leave them face to face with the monster or in the clutches of the bad guy. 

Do you know who would definitely survive in a scary movie? A fencer. Seriously, there are reasons why fencers would be the ones to make it to the sunrise on the day after the long night of mayhem. The skills that a fencer learns might not be combat realistic, but there are definite advantages that would make them more likely to survive than you average teenager in a slasher film. Here are six reasons why. 

Tips for Halloween Fencing Costumes

tips-for-halloween-fencing-costumes-2 It’s almost that time again! Trick or treating, spooky stories, candied apples, and TONS OF COSTUMES! We just love Halloween. It’s  time of year when you can be anything that you want to be,  do anything that you want to do (within reason), and in general just have a fantastic time of camaraderie within the community.

So you love fencing, and you want to take that passion right out into this fantastic holiday. Of course you do, because fencing is pretty amazing stuff. But it’s really not enough just to throw on your fencing gear and go prancing around down the lane – you naturally want to take it up a level to the next notch and really bring something amazing to the sidewalk this year.

Never fear! We’re here to help!

Creativity, Sport, and Spooky Fencing Stories

Spooky Fencing Story1 (2)It’s that time of year – when we’re all thinking about spooky things, scary things, Halloweeny things. We love this season! It’s a time for everyone to start thinking creatively and expressing themselves with wild abandon. The rules can bend, and you can literally be anything you want to be for a day! This time of year lends itself to letting go and allowing our creativity to shine through – something that is valuable both in sport and in life.

Creativity is a life skill

Success has lots of components, but chief among them is the ability to adapt to situations quickly and adequately. Thinking on our feet is how we make it! Creativity is the spark of life. That fire of imagination is what makes the world so wonderful, and also what leads to success in sport and in the game of life. Think about it – those people who think outside of the box are the people who have the most impact on the world. Those are the people who rise to the top!

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