Fall is a great time to start fencing and fall into fencingFall is a perfect time to get into fencing. Though picking up a sword any time of year is wonderful, there are some things that are specific to the sport of fencing that make this time of year particularly special to either get started or to dig deeper. Whether you’re new to the sport or have been training for a while, this time of year is a great time to be a fencer.

Let’s explore some of the reasons to fall into fencing this fall!

Cooler weather

Though where we are in California doesn’t get really cold in the fall, it’s definitely chillier outside! Fencing is an indoor sport, so it’s year round, but that means that other outdoor sports are cooling off and it’s a perfect time to give it a try.

As the air gets that bit of a chill in it, getting that fencing gear on can be truly cuddly and wonderful. Fencing in the summer is certainly nice too, but in the fall it can be even easier to feel comfortable in the long sleeved fencing jackets and fencing masks and get used to it.

School is less demanding

When spring comes we know that school requirements will start to heat up. That’s one reason that fencing in the fall is so fantastic! Kids don’t feel as pressured by looming test or big spring school projects. They’re able to take some time to get off on the right foot in fencing, or to re-devote their time and energy to it.

We know that balancing school work and extra-curricular activities is of the utmost importance, and in our experience we’ve found that fall can make for a smoother transition. School has already started so kids are familiar with their school schedules, but they’re not yet bogged down with pressure. It’s just a perfect time to fence!

The holidays are coming

Once the fun of the holiday season sets it, it can be a challenge to start something new like fencing. That’s why fall is a great time to dig into it!

Competition season is just kicking off

In the fall, fencing competition season is just starting to get going. That makes it a great time to start fencing, or to rededicate yourself to fencing. There are great opportunities for new fencers to get out and see what competition looks like, and for more experienced fencers to dig in and make a go of the competition season.

Coaches are wonderfully on point during this time of year, with an eye toward helping those fencers who want to create a plan for the season to get it started. Fall is a time of goal making for fencers, for planning for the coming season and for refining their technique. It’s one of the reasons that we love fall so much!

Any time of year is a great one to start fencing or to expand your training, but truly we find that fall has some special qualities. Consider these reasons and then look to make more of your fencing – fall into fencing this fall!