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A Magic Solution for Fencing Bruises

A magic solution for fencing bruises - Arnika GelRecently when I was watching my son fencing in a Direct Elimination bout in his latest competition, he suddenly received a big blow to his right thigh. You could see by his expression how painful it was, but he succeeded in gathering himself and went on to win this bout. That minute I  thought “I wish I had a   Magic Solution for Fencing Bruises”!

After the bout I raised his fencing knickers to expose the place of the hit and as expected there was a big ugly purple bruise that was swelling more and more. I rushed to the organizers for  ice, then quickly returned to put a cold pack on his swelled thigh and tried to comfort my son like moms do.

As we fencing parents know, bruises in fencing may happen. Fencers often wear these colored spots with pride. We have several epee girls that when they have especially nasty bruise on their biceps they wear sleeveless shirts to allow them to show off.  Yet, sometimes, and particularly in a competition, a hit can be discomforting and even affect fencer’s performance and result of the bout.

So, I was sitting and trying to keep his thigh cold to help my son fully recover for the next  DE bout (and probably talking a little baby talk which, I admit, I still do sometimes when my child doesn’t feel well).

Suddenly I hear: “Excuse me, may I intervene?”

A New Solution

I turn around and there is a nice Russian lady who says to me: “Excuse me, I saw what happened and I would like to help. I always carry in my son’s bag this Magic Solution for Fencing Bruises, the European ointment and use it on his fresh bruises. It works wonders. If you want, you can give it a try…”

Do I want?!

Of course I do – it’s MY baby with a bruise!

So I gladly accepted the help and put “half bottle” of the ointment to the continuously growing swelling. Five minutes later Adam walks up and onto strip like nothing even happened to him! Watching him fence I completely forgot about all this fuss around the bruise.

My biggest surprise was at home, when I could barely see what I previously called “big nasty bruise”. There was almost nothing in its place – just few faded pale foil marks.

“Arnica” – that’s what it’s called. I took a picture of this magic ointment at the tournament and went online to search for it. I found few brands and of course as a predictable fencing mom immediately ordered half a dozen tubes to cover all my kids – one tube to put in each bag and two more just in case. I am a mom, after all 🙂

This treatment really works beautifully for us, on all kinds of bruises, even the nastiest ones! We highly recommend that you go grab your own. It’s very economical, and what’s more it works! Look for arnica oil or arnica gel, and then get to helping your own fencers to combat bruising effectively and easily.

PS I did not find the exact brand as it came from somewhere in Europe, but you can find similar products to arnika gel on so-helpful-as-always Amazon!



Medical Disclaimer

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  1. R

    I use it post-tournament – especially for clavical knots. Be sure to buy from a trusted vendor so you get what you think you’re purchasing.

  2. Sian

    Hi irina
    I am a fencing mum from the UK. When one of my children was about 2 she fell down the stairs at a friends house and hit her head on the rim of a ceramic flowerpot at the bottom. My friend pulled some arnica cream out, it was the first time I’d seen it. The next day you wouldn’t have known my little one hAd had such a bump. I have used it ever since. It is indeed magic!

    • Irina Chirashnya

      Thanks Sian for telling me this! Running to buy few more tubes for additional usage 🙂

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