holiday fencing funnies - fencing against Santa Claus at Campbell Carol of LightsThe holidays are here again! We hope that this fun and festive time finds your family in good spirits and feeling wonderful.

Recently we ran across some silly, fun fencing images on Pinterest, that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves. We hope that they brighten your holiday as much as they brightened ours (and please don’t expect this post to be any serious!)

Fencing Claus

Old St. Nick himself is ready with his weapon, his jacket, his fencing pants, and his fencing mask! He’d definitely be in the Veteran’s Division, but we can’t help but wonder in what age bracket? How old is Santa Claus?

Santa Claus fencing

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Frosty Foil

It’s not just Santa Claus who gets into the spirit of fencing – Frosty the Snowman is in on the action too! We think that this would have to be an outdoor fencing match though – Frosty would melt if he came into the fencing club. Also, those mittens don’t look like regulation gloves

Image credit: – there you can find a lot of fencing related collections, from funny to amazing ones.

Santa goes for the point!

Santa Claus himself has an important message for you – he loves fencing and he loves epee! If you don’t believe him, then really who would you believe?

Santa Claus epee fencing

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Candy Cane Epee

Looking at this image, I have two questions:

  1. Wouldn’t the candy canes break with the impact of the parry?
  2. How can these two fencers possibly keep from licking these giant candy canes? This is really a testament to the self control an passion of fencers.

This t-shirt could be a good gift for your fencing aficionado

Christmas fencings t-shirt

A Fencer’s Best Christmas

Who wouldn’t want a shiny new fencing mask for Christmas! This girl just captures what is a gift that we fencers all know we would love to have on Christmas morning. Maybe this one isn’t so much funny as it is just heartwarming.

Best ever Christmas fencing gift

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EPIC Fencing Match

I know what you’re saying already – those aren’t fencing swords. And you’re right, the technically aren’t fencing swords. But who could resist the Grinch and Santa Claus swordfighting in front of a Christmas tree? It looks from here like Santa has the potential to take out his enemy and save Christmas. But who’s going to tell either of them that their footwork and hand positions are all wrong?

epic fencing match

Do you have any great fencing holiday images? We’d love for you to shoot us a link in a comments section! And of course we cannot keep from saying to all of you from all of us at AFM – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!