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Fencing Safety Rules [Infographic]

Fencing Safety Rules Infographic

Fencing is a very safe sport, actually one of the safest. But as with any physical activity, especially those that involve swinging swords, it is up to fencers and everyone else in the venue to ensure the safety.

In the past we extensively wrote about fencing safety rules and measures and I’ve decided to convert this post into infographic.

If you want to print and hang it in your club, please let me know and we will send you a high resolution printable version.


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  1. r

    Excellent! This should be in all clubs! Some grammar corrections: 1. “Always put the whole” should be “put on all”. 5. “Mask are on” should be either “Mask is on” or “Masks are on”.

    • Igor Chirashnya

      Thanks for spotting these! I will make changes to it.

      • Steph Gautier

        Hi, I follow your blogs, they are extremely interesting and wise.
        Would love the poster but in french
        Best regards
        Club d’escrime de Baie Mahault

        • Igor Chirashnya

          Hi Steph, thanks for the nice words! The poster is only in English, and I sent it anyway – hope your club members will be able to read it anyway 🙂

  2. S

    “Be aware of the opponent / Stop if something is wrong” is good, “Check your opponent / Stop if something is wrong” is better.

    Every time you come on guard, you do it a few feet away facing your opponent looking at them.

    Is their jacket zipped all the way up? What about their jacket and knickers riding up or falling down, mask bib curled, mask strap undone, shoelace coming untied, glove cuff loose, body cord a catch hazard, blade bent?

    It takes a fraction of a second to check both for safety and fairness items (e.g. detached mask cord) while coming on guard.


    Great remarks,
    I would like to print and hang in my club, please send me a printable version in high resolution.

    Best regards, Thank you very much

  4. Josh

    Man this is good stuff. I’d love to get a high res copy to print out.

  5. Caroline Magda

    I would love to get a print to give to our high school coach to hang up for the freshman to see. Can I get a copy?

  6. Igor, great capture of safety concerns. This is excellent and very well done. Please send me a high resolution printable version. Thank you for your informative articles about our fencing sport.

    • Igor Chirashnya

      Hi Margaret,
      Thank you very much for your feedback! The high resolution image is sent via email.

  7. Sylvain

    Hi Igor,

    Could you please send me a high resolution picture so I can print it out in big size format.

    Thanks !



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