7-holiday-fencing-gift-ideas-for-the-fencer-in-your-lifeThe holidays are here once again! Giving is what makes this time of year so special, so we’ve compiled a list of great fencing gifts that will help you to do something special for that special fencer in your life. Here are our 7 Holiday Fencing Gift Ideas :

1.      A gift card to a local fencing club

The idea of giving experiences rather than giving “stuff” is becoming more and more popular every year. What could be better for a fencer than to give them the gift of fencing itself? When you give a gift card to a local fencing club, you’re giving your young fencer exactly what they want – more time training.

To do this, just talk to the staff at your club. They might not prominently display gift cards, but most clubs will create one for you even if they don’t have they ready-made. You could also just purchase an enrollment in a fencing training camp, pay for some private lessons, or even pay for a competition.

If you want to give a gift card but want to take it up a notch and give a gift as well, consider a fencing ornament, charm bracelet, or notebook. You’ll find tons of ideas in our post from last year by clicking here!

2.       A copy of the film The Fencer

This international film from acclaimed director Klaus Haro is just a must see for everyone, and a must own for fencers. It’s beautifully shot and marvelously acted, but what really makes the film wonderful is the fencing, which is incredibly accurate for a film! We love how history is woven into the film too.

Not only does The Fencer beautifully show off our sport of fencing in terms of technique, it’s also a compelling journey that shows how competitive fencing can be transformative for people. Every fencer should have this one in their library, and the holidays are a great time to curl up and watch it together. A perfect stocking stuffer!

*It can be a bit difficult to get your hands on this film as it had a limited release. We suggest checking Ebay for an English version with subtitles.

3.      Pampering for sore muscles

Fencing is an intense sport for the body. Muscles can get really sore with all that fighting and training, but it’s something that fencers don’t always take the time to take care of. If you want to go that extra mile for the fencer in your life, then give them something to pamper those muscles. Here are some ideas:

  • A massage gift certificate – even for a younger fencer, this can be wonderful! Working out those kinks during competition season feels so good. This is also a great choice for the fencing parent in your life!
  • A massage roller – These really are the gifts that keep on giving. Try the Muscle Stick Elite for $19.99 on Amazon. These fit perfectly in a fencing bag and feel so good.
  • Sore muscle bath salts – Nothing beats a great soak in the tub after a long day of training. Plain old Epsomsalts are a thoughtful gift for the fencer in your life! Or go all out and order some special muscle soak bath salts. Perfect for teens and adults.
  • Tiger Balm – Most athletes know Tiger Balm inside and out. It’s amazing for sore muscles, there’s just nothing quite like it! For the fencer in your life, go all out and get the white kind instead of the orange so that it won’t stain clothes.

4.      A coveted piece of fencing gear

There’s always that gear that a fencer wants to have but just can’t seem to get their hands on. It could be a new mask or that bigger bag. Sometimes a fencer has been longing for a really great glove or a particular weapon.

If you’re not sure what it is that the fencer in your life has been thinking about, then just ASK! Reach out and find out what the piece of fencing gear is that they really want, then pick it up for them. Most fencers are very specific in their tastes when it comes to gear, and you can give them exactly the thing that they’ve been longing for. They’ll think of you every time they use it!

5.      Fencing décor

Yes, it’s actually possible to decorate your house with fencing stuff! Check out these cool gift ideas that can make a house more like a fencing home.

  • Fencing mug – find a fencing mug that fits the taste of the special fencer in your life. We like the one in the link, but there are tons of options out there.
  • Fencing pillowcases – these are the home décor item that you never knew you desperately needed. Any fencer would love to fall asleep on these!
  • Cool fencing poster – Again, there are tons of these Perfect for that fencer who’s been off at college and needs to decorate that dorm room, or the child fencer you know, or anyone!
  • Fencing cufflinks – For the fencing guy in your life, these are great! Or for the fencing dad who you know would appreciate representing his kid fencer. Not exactly home décor, but too fun not to put on the list!
  • Giant fencing wall sticker – This is one of those “go big or go home” presents. The thing itself is just massive! A giant wall sticker is a great holiday gift surprise for any fencer.
  • Desktop fencing figurine – This little guy is super fun an great for decorating a room or an office. From the 2012 London Olympics, it makes a great gift for a fencer.

6.      Travel Gear

The holidays just happen to fall right in the middle of fencing competition season, which makes it the perfect time to give that fencer in your life some new travel gear. Think about it, these fencers are tasked with sitting in a car or on an airplane for hours on end, then getting out and doing some amazing things on the strip in competition. How can they do it? Here are some ideas that will hopefully help trips go more easily.

  • Portable air humidifier – Dry hotel air is a major enemy for athletes, and it’s a big problem in the winter months. For a serious competitive fencer, this little gadget can really help to improve performance on the road. By keeping the air moist, nosebleeds are prevented and breathing is improved. It even works in the car as it plugs into the USB port.
  • The perfect water bottle – Hydration is key to keeping the body going. Get your favorite fencer a really high quality water bottle and they’ll always appreciate it!
  • A portable iron/steamer – Though most hotels where fencers are going to stay have irons, they don’t always have them. A good looking, well taken care of uniform helps with confidence during competition!
  • Hanging toiletry bag – Don’t discount the importance of ease in travel. A great toiletry bag makes sure that a fencer can think less about whether they packed their toothpaste and more about whether they’re hitting their opponent.
  • Travel pillow – Every athlete who travels needs a great neck pillow to keep them from getting sore on the long trip. This is a must have for any competitive fencer and will be well appreciated!
  • Compact travel blanket – One last essential for all athletes is a compact travel blanket. Every fencer needs one for the trip itself, and they’re also great for at the competition after it’s all over!


7.      A Fencing Book

This again, is a place that could have lots of possibilities. There are plenty of books out on the market about fencing, both books that teach fencing technique and those that are fictional. Here are a few ideas, or check out our previous post that goes in depth on some fencing books for kids.

  • The Best Ever Book of Fencing Jokes – Everyone loves a great joke, but fencing jokes are the best!
  • The Tale of Despereaux – A swordfighting mouse! (Technically no fencing). This is a great for kids. Check out our review for more info. The movie is ok – the book is much much better!
  • The Academy of Swords: Illustrated Fencing Books, 1500-1800 – This is a treasure trove of not just history, but historical technique. Fencing has a rich tradition, and every fencer will delight in the beautiful illustrations to be had in this book!
  • Fencing Coloring Book – Yes, we’re saying that a coloring book is actually a book here. This books is great for adults or kids who fence, and it’s just a ton of fun for the holidays. Think about how cool it would be to color a fencing book on the way to fencing competition!
  • The Princess Bride – Before it was one of the most beloved movies ever about fencing, it was a book that was even more compelling. A fantastic choice for the fencer in your life!
  • Fencing is my life – A fencing autobiography, written by Sergei Golubitsky, a four-time overall World Cup Champion, three-time World Champion, and winner of nineteen World Cups! Inspirational book for every fencer!

You can also ask fencing coaches for their recommendations on great fencing technique books. They’re certain to be able to give you some great ideas!

Whatever it is that you end up giving to the fencer in your life, the fact that you’re thinking about them during the holiday season is what’s most important. We love the holidays and all of the joy that comes with them, most of all the joy that comes from giving to the people that we love.