Holiday Fencing Gift IdeasUnsure as to what you get that special fencer in your life? Here’s our holiday fencing gift ideas list, which has more than fifty gift ideas and will help you to find the perfect gift for anyone in fencing!

Young Fencers (ages 7-12)

Holiday Fencing Gift 1Kids are so enthusiastic about fencing! Check out these fun and innovative gifts for young fencers. And don’t forget to check out our blog about Fencing School Supplies, where you’ll find some other really fun and cool ideas and also our blog about books about fencing, which will also give you some great ideas!



Teen Fencers

Holiday Fencing Gift 2

Teenagers can be a challenge to shop for, and that’s an understatement! But connecting with teens at the holidays is a great way to encourage their interest in fencing. These are some fun and out of the box ideas!


Adult Fencers

fencing gift

Grown ups have everything right? Not always! Here are some really cool ideas for the adult fencer in your life, things that they can enjoy along with their love of fencing.

Fencing Gear

The holidays are a great time to get gear that you might not normally go for. There’s nothing wrong with Santa putting some really great fencing gear under the tree!

Holiday themed

Holiday Fencing Gift 5

When we think of the holidays, we think of the decorations and the celebration! Here some super fun ideas for celebrating the season with fencing!

Parents of Fencers

Holiday Fencing Gift 6Let’s not forget the parents in all of this! Parents support their fencers with everything that they’ve got, and they deserve to remembered this time of year. Check out these fun gifts that will truly be appreciated.


What’s your favorite gift for a fencer? Let us know in the comments!  And Happy Holidays!