How Fencing Moms are Stepping up in COVID-19

Moms have a way of grounding us and making things better. This is especially true in times of turmoil, and we’re certainly in a time of turmoil right now. 

Home has become everything to us. It’s where we eat and sleep, where we work and go to school, where we play and where we fence. What was once the center of our lives and our families is still the center, but now it’s more than that. Now home is everything.

This means that moms are doing even more than they did before. We already know that they did so much! It is more important now than it ever has been before that we appreciate our fencing moms step up to make life happen.

It’s a big job

Making a family run under normal circumstances is a big job. Making one run in a global crisis is an even bigger job. We know that fencing moms are picking up a lot of slack, and they’re doing all kinds of roles that they didn’t do before. 

Suddenly, moms are called on to be teachers for homeschool. They are chefs that must keep everyone fed. They are fencing coaches who make sure that online practice happens. They are entertainers who keep everyone’s spirits up. They are disease experts who keep track of what precautions must be taken. They are counselors who listen to the struggles and fears of the household. 

If there was any down time for fencing moms before this time, we know that there is even less of it now. Being a mother was always a 24/7 job, but now in this crisis it is even more intense. 

The seismic change that we’ve experienced in the last couple of months is absolutely mind blowing, and it’s affected moms a whole lot. 

You know what else? Moms have fears and doubts too. They feel overwhelmed sometimes and unsure of the future. Though moms put on a brave face for their families, this time is wearing on them too. We see in our mothers a strength that is inspiring and that we must not ever take for granted. Our moms keep us grounded and sane, they keep us going in this crisis. There is just no other way to think about it. Fencing moms are keeping it together for us. 

How you can appreciate moms

It doesn’t matter if the fencing mom in your life seems super strong and totally rocking this quarantine thing, we promise that every mom has her moments. We must, must support our moms in this time. We cannot and should not take them for granted! Moms deserve our love more than ever now. 

What do you give your mom on Mother’s Day in the middle of a global pandemic? It’s not the traditions that many of us have of sending her to get pampered or taking her out for a nice meal at a restaurant. So many of those traditions are simply not possible anymore. 

What can we do then? How can we appreciate our fencing moms?

The answer is that we must now appreciate them through our words and through showing them at home. Moms notice the little things, and those gestures mean so much more than a big day out. You all know the things that moms want from you, because they have probably asked you again and again. Maybe it’s taking out the garbage without being asked, or keeping track of your own zoom school sessions without mom having to ask if you’re ready. It might be that for older kids you clean out that indoor zoom fencing area or learn to fold your own laundry. There are a thousand things around the home that moms did already, and now they are doubled. 

Think about it! What is it that mom has to do over and over again or has asked about over and over again. Feeding the dog? Putting the dishes away? Going outside for an hour instead of playing video games? Every mom has those things that she has to keep asking about. What if you just did them, just one of them? It would make her feel so much love and appreciation. It would make her feel heard and valued!

What we are asking of you, our fencing families, is that you take on one responsibility that you know the mom in your life wants you to take on. It does not have to be complicated. To celebrate the mom in your life and to make sure that she knows that she is appreciated and valued. 

Simple, homemade things are well loved by moms now too. A sidewalk chalk art piece that says thank you. A video that is dedicated to mom. A homemade card. You know what to do! Now you just have to go do it.

Moms, we see you. We appreciate you. We know that quarantine is tough on you, and we want you to know that we are paying attention to you. Fencing moms, thank you for everything!