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How to Qualify for 2020 USA Fencing Summer Nationals [Infographic]

How to Qualify for the 2020 USA Fencing Summer Nationals - Infographic

Fencing season 2019-2020 had started! Which means you should start thinking about how you want your fencing season to go. Every year there are some changes to the rules and qualifying paths for USA Fencing Summer Nationals, not to mention that fencers progress through the age divisions and previous year path might be not relevant anymore. 2020 USA Fencing Summer Nationals are not exception.

This year there are not that many changes in the qualification process for USA Fencing Summer Nationals, but there are some changes to the eligibility and format for some divisions and the youth 12 and 14 events. In the previous post we covered all these changes.

To summarize these changes:

  1. All initial seeding will be based on national points, which is applicable for Division 1 and Junior events
  2. Division 2/3 eligibility will be based on the classification at the time of registration for the appropriate event at the nationals.
  3. Youth 12 and Youth 14 events will have an 80% cut off from the pools
  4. The maximum DE table will be 256 fencers

Everything you see on this infographic is information you’ll find on the USA Fencing website and in Athlete Handbook. We’re simply presenting it in a format that is visual and hopefully easy to follow.

Click here to view the updated infographics for USA Fencing Summer Nationals 2020 qualification.

Please share with your fencing friends on social media! Spread the word about how to qualify for USA Fencing Summer Nationals, and see you in Louisville, Kentucky next July!


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  1. Bonjour

    We are a french fencing club from Paris. Two of our juniors, born in 2001, are in the top 20 of french junior national classement.

    We plan a tour to the US next summer and would like to compete with these two juniors at the July Challenge.

    I can read that there are no citizenship or permanent resident restrictions and that this tournament is open to foreign fencers who meet the USA Fencing classification standard of “A”, “B” as defined in Section 2.2.5

    But I don’t find this “Section 2.2.5”. Could you give me some informations about this classification, or the link to this section 2.2.5 ?

    Where should we inscribe our fencers ?

    Thank you for your help and “un grand bonjour” from Paris


    René Brunner

    Escrime ParisNord

    • Igor Chirashnya

      Hi Rene,
      Welcome to the USA Fencing tournaments!
      The main manual to refer when learning about the USA Fencing tournaments and requirements is Athlete Handbook –

      Your fencers can participate in the Junior and Division 1 events at the Summer Nationals if they meet the following criteria:
      First of all, they should have International Competitive License – look at part 1.3 on page 11 for the definition and registration
      Second, part 2.1.5 on page 16 defines the classifications and thus you can see whether they can participate in Juniors or/and Seniors (Div1) based on their classification. Basically in order to understand what is their classification is (A, B or C) you should look at their international level of performance.
      Once you know exactly what they should get then send email with their USFA member id and proof of their international placement (for example, link to the FencingTimeLive results or FIE profile page for that fencer) to and they will be able to assign respective classification to your fencer.
      And then all you need to do is register them to the event once the registration is open.

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck and hope to see you and your fencers at the nationals!

      P.S. I would also like to invite your fencers (if they are epee, which I assumed) to our Summer Nationals preparation camp that will be held in our Sunnyvale facility 2 weeks before the nationals.


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