Jordan Schmidt won Bronze medal at Bay Cup Epee tournament and earned "D"Congratulations to Jordan Schmidt who in the recent Bay Cup Epee tournament won Bronze Medal and earned “D”!

But the story goes much more interesting. Jordan got off the tournament on the wrong foot. In the pools he lost all his bouts. Not only he lost all of them, but also barely scored any point! Non surprisingly after the pools he was seeded way at the bottom of the pack, second before the last.

And that meant he should fence with the highest seeded fencers in the Direct Eliminations. What are the chances to succeed when your day started so badly? Well, it all depends on the attitude. And Jordan proved that the right attitude can take you far!

One by one he beat everyone on his way to semifinals, where he met the future winner of the tournament and in a very tough bout lost 11:14. Just 3 points…

He got his first rating “D” together with the Bronze. It was unbelievable journey from “U” (which officially stays for “Unrated” but unofficially for “Underdog”) to “D”, a journey that teaches us that it is all in your head, and even if the odds are against you, you should never give up. Up until the last point.

Way to go Jordan!