New Year Fencing resolutions2It’s that time of year once again! Time to think about new beginnings and the bright hope of the future. Whatever mistakes that might have been made in the past are behind us now, and we have the chance to get life rolling in the direction that we choose to take it. For fencers, it’s a great time to refocus goals and to decide on our new focus for the new year in terms of our training.

Here are some of our best new year fencing resolutions.

1.  I resolve to enjoy fencing more.

Why are we here doing this? We’re here fencing because we love the art of the sword and the growth and success that it brings us. It’s not about the things that we tick off of our goal list. This art is one that’s about the love of the thing. When you resolved to enjoy fencing more, you’re resolving to be excited and to rekindle your fire. This fencing resolution is the most important, because it will spur you on to accomplish the others! And if you aren’t enjoying fencing – the rest wouldn’t matter anyway.

2.  I resolve to make great goals.

Making great goals means that you set smart, effective goals. It also means that this process of making resolutions isn’t something that you see as static and frozen – resolutions evolve and change with time! Think of the New Year not as a time to set some strict, high standards about your accomplishments on the strip. Rather it’s a time to see the growth that is possible in your fencing.

3.  I resolve to work smarter, and harder.

Working harder isn’t always the answer, though hard work is of course a key to being a champion. What you want to do as a fencer is to work in smart ways. How? Resolve this year to think your way through the fencing season, think about your goals, make the rest of fencing resolutions that talk what you should or should not do,then to follow through with those thoughts in the shape of hard work that is smart.

4.  I resolve to listen to my coaches.

This one is of course so true for fencers! It’s truly essential that we learn to put our ego to the side and to listen to the constructive criticism that our coaches give to us – without feeling overwhelmed or defensive. Resolve to listen with an open heart and an open mind, and you’ll find that you grow and improve much faster!

5.  I resolve to deepen my relationship with other fencers.

Connecting with fellow fencers will not only make you happy, it will make your fencing better. Camaraderie is a big one here, and it leads you to feeling better about yourself and about the fencers who you share the strip with. So much of this sport is about those connections with others. Though it might be considered an individual sport, fencing is really an effort that we share. You cannot succeed on your own. It’s a team that supports you in your growth. Make other fencers matter to you!

6.  I resolve to win against myself.

Your competition is not your opponent – it’s you! You cannot change the things that the person on the other side of the strip is doing, but you can change the things that you’re doing. In order to make your fencing better, it’s important that you challenge yourself to be better tomorrow than you were today. This resolution is the stuff of true fencing champions.

7.  I resolve to forgive my past mistakes

The new year is just that – new. Letting go of the things that you’ve done before will help you so much to see the good things in the future and to build a bright one. If you’re holding on to any guilt or self doubt about your fencing, now is the time to let it go! Your confidence will shine through in your fencing and it will allow you to improve your state of mind and your craft.

This time of year is the perfect time to start off on a new foot (even if it is the middle of our season!). The New Year offers us a fresh start and a solid beginning for our future in fencing, and for the personal growth that it can bring. Happy New Year!