How to Qualify for 2019 USA Fencing Summer NationalsFencing season is starting again! That means it’s time to make goals and figure out how you want your fencing season to go. Every year we see tweaks to the rules, not to mention the need to review the qualifying paths for Fencing Summer Nationals as fencers progress through the age divisions.

Small changes are small, but they add up over time. The USA Fencing is in constant pursuit of improving the competition, working to make the competitive process as smooth and fair as possible. Of course young fencers change qualification paths regularly as they get older too! Every fencer and parent should keep in mind that fencers can qualify outside of their age category under specific conditions.

Everything you see on this infographic is information you’ll find on the USA Fencing website and in Athlete Handbook. We’re simply presenting it in a format that is visual and hopefully easy to follow.

2019 Updates


This year has seen just a few tweaks to the qualification for Fencing Summer Nationals, which this season is hosted by Columbus Ohio on June 27-July 7, 2019. 

Two new major additions are happening to the qualification path for Fencing Summer Nationals this year.

  1. International Regional Circuit
    • For all athletes who reside and compete in China and other countries
    • Compete in one International Regional Circuit competition held in Wuxi, China on December 30, 2018-January 1, 2019
    • Held in China during the current season with age, gender, and weapons categories in line with U.S. Summer Nationals
    • Top 32 finishers in Junior and Cadet by the regular fee entry deadline will be eligible to compete in the July Challenge
  2. Super Junior Cadet Circuit (SJCC)
    • Pilot program with only one tournament in Anaheim, CA
    • Points added to the National Point list for age categories, but are weighted by 0.2.
    • This is great news as a new path following the model of the Super Youth Circuit (SYC)!

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