USFA  scholarship 2015-2016

All-Academic Team fund 2014

At Academy of Fencing Masters we believe that fencing and academics go hand in hand. Participating in competitive sports provides excellent discipline and pushes students both young and old to succeed in all other areas of life. From academic achievement to improved social skills, fencing offers a distinct advantage to all who participate. And for those who excel in both fencing and academia, we are thrilled to share a special opportunity with you today!

The USFA with the support of Absolute Fencing Gear is offering an exciting chance to become a part of the USA Fencing High School All-Academic Team. Not only does becoming a part of this team demonstrate passion and success as a fencer and a student, but there are also scholarships to be awarded!

Altogether, there are four fencing scholarships totaling $10,000. One male and one female applicant will each receive $4,000, and two additional applicants will receive $1,000 each. You can find the full details of the scholarships here.

The USA Fencing All-Academic Team was created to highlight the importance of maintaining top tier performance both on the strip and in the classroom. Students who have a G.P.A. of at least 3.50 are eligible to apply and the First Team title can be earned with a G.P.A of 3.85 or higher. Competing as a student-athlete helps to develop skills that are critical to your success throughout your entire life. Fencing competitively while maintaining a straight-A report card requires discipline, organization, dedication, and talent.

Those who are make it to the top of their class and the top of the podium deserve to be rewarded. Joining the All-Academic Team is an unparalleled opportunity to gain recognition for your success while providing the financial support you need to pursue your fencing career.