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Fencing Equipment Shopping for Parents: Finally a guide to answer all of your questions!

Buying guide to fencing equipment and gear - a complete fencing equipment shopping guideOne of the main job requirements for parenting is: Make sure your child has what they need.

Not emotional needs, although those are certainly important, but making sure they have their lunch, that they walk out the door with their school project, that they aren’t the only child to show up on “Bake Sale Day” without a baked good—and that they are prepared for every lesson, practice, and social event.

With competitive fencing, this can be a challenge since many parents aren’t familiar with the sport. The good news is that most of you have the same questions and we’ve heard them all (or better say most of them 🙂 ). As fellow parents, we want to help you buy what you need with minimal stress and without breaking the bank. You don’t have to figure it out on your own and you don’t need to spend a fortune.

We took all of the questions we hear at our club and put the answers into one fencing equipment shopping guide that you can download online:

The book covers:

  • The equipment needed for both training and competitions
  • Where to shop and the pros and cons of stores vs. online
  • How to pick the right brand or variety based on both cost and usefulness
  • When to save your money and when to make the investment (e.g., in FIE equipment)

At the end you’ll find a two-page summary checklist with everything you need to buy and important notes on each piece of equipment.

Our ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible or you to parent a fencer so you can enjoy your journey into the sport rather than feeling stressed about what you don’t know. We hope this fencing equipment shopping guide helps with your first few fencing shopping trips! Ready – Set – SHOP!


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  1. L Mao

    Great guide! Well organized and thorough without being overwhelming. As with all your publications, I wish this had been available when my son first started fencing. A couple comments on the buying guide:
    Jacket – Not disputing that nylon is lighter and more flexible. But cotton has its merits. Connor happily wore a cotton jacket for 4 years. Only switched to nylon a couple months ago. The nylon jacket is actually turning out to be less sturdy than his old cotton one, as it is always snagging on the ubiquitous velcro closures found on fencing equipment.
    Glove – If you have a child who objects to the oversized thumbs on most youth foil gloves, try Blue Gauntlet brand.

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