USFA membershipIt’s nearly time for the new fencing season to start! The 2015-2016 fencing season begins on August 1st, and that means that it’s time for everyone to update their USFA membership. All fencing clubs, not just AFM, require USFA membership as it provides a secondary medical and accident insurance. You must have at least a non-competitive membership in order to participate in fencing lessons.

That bears repeating – you MUST have at least a non-competitive membership in order to participate in fencing lessons.

If you or your child participate in any of the following, then you need to be a member of the United States Fencing Association:

  • fencing camps
  • adult classes
  • fencing classes at any level, from beginner to competitive
  • private lessons
  • club members 

Remember if you or your child do not compete, you can register with a non-competitive membership. Of course if you or your child do compete or place to start, then you’ll need a competitive membership. Beginners can sign up for a non-competitive membership, while we recommend that those at the intermediate level should sign up for a competitive membership as we’d definitely like to see those students begin participating in local competitions.

Membership is very reasonably priced.

Non-competing members: If you expect to remain at this level throughout the coming season this level of membership is just $10.

Competing members: If you know you or your child will be competing this year, go ahead and get competitive membership – you’ll avoid the stress of a last minute change before your first competition. Competitive membership is $70.

You CANNOT PARTICIPATE in ANY FENCING CLASSES or FENCING LESSONS without PROOF of your USFA MEMBERSHIP. Check with your club on how to provide proof of membership. Here at AFM you would need to bring/email the receipt from USFA that your updated your membership or you can print your membership card from your profile on USFA site and bring it to the office. Typically within 6-8 weeks from the time of registration, USFA sends plastic membership cards to competitive members only. If you renew your membership now you might be able to get your membership card soon enough to be able to use it in your early fall competitions.

If you haven’t already, you should update your membership today!