Sergey Bida

Join us in welcoming a tremendous fencing talent to the United States and to AFM! It is with great pleasure and pride we share that Sergey Bida is joining the AFM Coaching Team!

This week, Coach Bida stepped into his role as the newest member of our already talented coaching staff. His work in epee is extraordinary, and his coming to California is a wonderful addition to the training opportunities for fencers here in America. Violetta Bida, Sergey’s wife, is also a hugely accomplished fencer and is also joining our fencers at AFM!

Sergey will not only be coaching at AFM, but he’ll also be training with our competitive class and competing. Bida joins AFM as he prepares for domestic competitions here in the United States. Expect to see him in the coming season in the Senior Men’s Epee categories at tournaments across the country! This is wonderful not only for our fencers, who will have the benefit of training alongside him as he works with our coaches, but it raises the bar and supports the strengthening of fencing in America.

Very few fencers don’t require an introduction, and Sergey is one of them, but let’s give you a rundown of what makes him so extraordinary.  

Sergey Bida – a top fencer

Bida is one of the best epee fencers in the world, an accolade he earned through more than two decades of hard work. He comes from a long tradition of world-class athletes, but he has proven himself a force to be reckoned with in his own right. 

From 2017-2019, Bida blew away the competition with a three-year Gold medal streak in the European Championships with the men’s team epee competition. In 2019, he took individual men’s epee Gold in the World Cup as well as the Silver at the World Championship.

In 2019, FIE named Bida their Athlete of the Year. It’s easy to see why. 

The following year, he took the Gold in the individual Men’s Epee at the Grand Prix. Then to the biggest stage, where he and his teammates took Silver at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. These are all only his most recent accomplishments in the Senior division, as he took over ten World Cup victories at the Junior level! 

At the age of 30, Sergey has a lot further to go and a whole lot more to give to the sport of fencing. Bringing his passion for training to a new generation means that he creates an even stronger legacy. 

While he is hugely accomplished on the strip, Sergey is also a compassionate and adaptive teammate and teacher. In training, he brings a high level of professionalism to his students and a wonderful ability to bring out the best in fencers. His personal success translates to strong strategies that elevate the athletes he coaches and mentors. In the club, Bida supports the growth of fellow and student fencers through his laser focus and attention to detail.

Mentorship has been a big part of Bida’s own journey in fencing, and that kind of personal attention is going to be a tremendous benefit to the fencers who are able to train alongside him and under his guidance here in the United States. 

Violetta Bida – a champion in her own right

Sergey arrived in San Jose with his wife, Violetta Bida. Bringing her strength and style to those training with AFM, Violetta is also set to join our team as she trains with our fencers. It is truly a privilege to have her be a part of our training team.

Violetta is a tremendous fencer herself. As a three-time Junior World Champion, Silver medalist in both the Senior World and European Championships, and Tokyo Olympian, she is a force to be reckoned with on the strip. Currently competing in women’s epee, she continues to push herself further even as she brings her elite fencing style to the young fencers who need the powerful level of fencing training she offers. 

The warmest welcome!

Please give both Sergey and Violetta your warmest welcome!

We could not be more excited for him to be here, and we look forward to having him train alongside fencers at AFM as well as travel with us to tournaments. He’s an incredible asset to our team, and we are fortunate to have him here with us! 

Sergey and Violetta will also participate in our World Champions Camp in August, which already has Gergo Siklosi and Valerio Cuomo as sparring partners and Sandro Cuomo as the leading coach for the camp! This is open to all fencers, regardless of the club they are affiliated with. 

Here’s to a positive evolution of fencing, and to having hugely talented fencers join us in our training. Fencing is truly a sport that crosses all boundaries, and we are so fortunate to have these athletes here to support our fencers. Let’s create growth together for everyone! 

Violetta Bida