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What a Fantastic Opening of the New Season for AFM fencers!

Bartosz Kuligowski proudly shows his final bout score at Y10 Men's Epee at North Texas SYC August 31 2014

Bartosz Kuligowski proudly shows his final bout’s score at Y10 Men’s Epee at North Texas SYC on August 31 2014

Bartosz Kuligowski won his first SYC this weekend, scoring an impressive 10:3 win in a final bout in the Y10 Men’s Epee tournament in the North Texas SYC!

Bartosz started fencing at AFM a year ago, just after we opened our doors, and within just one year he earned several medals including one Gold at last year’s Northern California RYC and another at this past Sunday’s competition in the Texas SYC. This victory at the SYC awarded Bartosz national points, which qualifies him to participate in the Summer Nationals in San Jose in the Y10 Epee category. Today Bartosz continued to impress in Y12 Men’s Epee category as well, earning his first Y12 national points and guaranteeing participation in Y12 championship too.

Another great start came from Connor Mao who placed 22nd among 75 competitors in the same Texas SYC in Y12 Men’s Foil. His results warrant him placement in Summer Nationals for the Y12 Men’s Foil category.

We’re also very proud of our youngest boys, Ethan Lorenz, Kenneth Hou, Mikey Fodor, Bryce Chen, and Adam, who all started off on the right foot this season in the first Y10 Men’s Foil Bay Cup. The boys each outperformed their prior performance compared to last season by either winning pool bouts or succeeding in the first DE. We are very happy with how the boys fenced, opposed their opponents, and showed good technique along with their fighting “never-give-up” attitudes.

And last but not least, our hearts were warmed by the great results of our dear friends from Washington, Ketki and Mallika Ketkar, who trained with us at AFM during the summer. At the same Texas SYC, the girls showed excellent results in the Y10 Women’s Epee category, with Ketki winning the tournament and Mallika taking 7th place. Ketki and Mallika, we miss you a lot and look forward to the next time you are here!

With the season starting on such a high note, let’s keep things moving in the right direction and have a fun and prepare well for the rest of the season, culminating with Summer Nationals on our home turf!


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  1. L Mao

    Way to go, Bartosz! Thanks for cheering Connor on during his DE’s and sorry we were not there to return the favor. (Because somebody wanted to eat lunch.) Would like to point out that Bartosz came out of pools seeded 12th and essentially battled his way up to the top, fencing the number one seed TWICE (since there was a tie) and beating a kid who he had narrowly lost to in pools on his way to gold. That takes not just skill, but a lot of grit and determination. Well done!

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