10 Reasons why it’s great to start learning fencing in the summer campWhat’s the best way to get started in fencing? Well there are tons of ways, but fencing summer camp sure is one of the best! Why? Here are ten wonderful reasons!

1. Get over the nerves

Starting out in anything can be a bit nerve wracking, but fencing is all  the more so because it does involve a weapon. This is especially true for those who are really nervous about getting started – camp allows them to become completely immersed in the sport and to truly let go of any inhibitions.

2. Jump into the sport

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Beginner fencing camp offers new fencers the best possible kickoff to their fencing practice, allowing them to get off on the right foot with a firm foundation in skills and technique.

3. Be part of a group

There’s a marvelous camaraderie that comes with learning to fence. New fencers who come to summer camp really feel that group energy and support, and the social dynamics are really beautiful during the beginner week!

4. Have lots of fun

There’s just no way around it – fencing is FUN. Imagine getting to learn something that up until now you’ve only been able to dream about and you’ll have a bit of a bead on what beginner fencing camp is like. It’s truly fantastic the feelings of joy that go along with learning to fence!

5. Incredible extras

Summer camp offers so much more time than regular classes, allowing time for things like fencing outdoors and learning about the history of fencing, not to mention the connections that are built with coaches and staff.

6. Build self esteem

Beginner’s camps offer the chance to build self esteem, through a wide variety of exercises that have grown out of sports psychology. At the end of the week, campers are so proud of what they’ve accomplished in just five days!  In fact just getting out of their comfort zone with fencing (which is not your average sport – swords invoke some serious confidence!) is amazingly effective at boosting self esteem.

7. Learn to think for the future

Fencing helps students to create goals and dream big, then to dig deep and work for those goals. Camp offers kids time to think about those big ideas that they want to pursue in life, fencing related or not.

8. Make fast friends

Students build some incredible bonds during fencing summer camp, friendships that stick with them in the months and years that follow. There’s a special connection that’s created when you pick up a sword together for the first time, challenging yourself to be so much more than you have been before.

9. Show off new skills

At the end of camp fencers get the chance to show off their fencing skills with a demonstration for parents and friends, who are invited into the club to see. Students also attend a graduation ceremony! The new skills that beginner fencers learn in just a week are dramatic and incredible, in fact it’s difficult to recognize them after a week! After all of the hard work, it’s a great feeling to show off the things that they can do.

10. Create awesome memories

The absolute best reason that it’s great to start learning fencing at summer camp is the awesome memories. It’s truly fantastic to feel the transformation within that comes from taking on this task, and that transformation creates deep and meaningful memories that are there long after the swords are put away.

Fencing summer camp is one of the absolute best ways to spend the summer holiday – not only having lots of fun but growing as well!