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Why Fencing Moms are the BEST

Why Fencing Moms are the BESTIt’s nearly Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate and honor those strong and powerful women who guide us through life. Mom’s are truly something special.

Some would say that fencing moms are extraordinary, even for moms, and here are just some of the reasons why.

●    Professional Level Driving Skills

Uber really should send all of its drivers out to take lessons from fencing moms – who are at once timely, courteous and can find their way around literally any city. People talk about soccer moms and hockey moms, but these folks have obviously never seen fencing moms in action. These incredible women will drive you to competitions on time, carry those heavy bags and remind you to sleep on the way back. They don’t need to check their GPS constantly because they researched the best route the night before, and they have a mystical knowledge of the best hours to drive in order to have the least traffic, with internal shortcuts that would make a cabbie blush. And of course they can park any size vehicle that’s full of swords in a tiny spot with no problem.

Thank you fencing moms, for keeping us safe and timely on the road.

●    Quick Learners

Fencing moms are probably the fastest learners in the world! They come to this sport with zero knowledge in fencing and amazingly fast they can handle professional conversations with coaches: “How my child can improve her  Compound-Riposte? Should she incorporate more disengages or beats?”  Wow! Terminology in French? EASY! Even if they need to start new language to help their kids, it will not stop them from becoming professional fencing moms in just few months! Bon travail, chers mamans! 

Thank you, fencing moms, for being extremely fast learners.

●    Professional Photographers 

Who knows best which lenses are perfect for those close ups of the winning moment? Moms! Who can shoot the fastest ripostes and lunges in real time? Moms! These are the pictures that we will look back on with pride and excitement, the ones that will be shown to kids and grandkids in the decades to come and will be posted on social media this afternoon. You make your fencers feel how special and wonderful they are by making sure that the pictures match the feelings of the moment. Who needs a photographer if there is  a mom around there with joyful readiness to capture our best moments of glory or happy faces?

Thank you, fencing moms, for documenting our memories on film!

●    Powerful Negotiation

When there’s conflict, fencing moms are there to advocate for their kids or to help smooth things out – whichever is needed at the moment. It’s amazing how they can know just the tone of voice that’s needed to improve a situation, or just the right way to reach out to the right person in order to help their young fencers keep moving forward! Need to squeeze in that fifth fencing private lesson each week between swim team practice and vocal training? Not a problem for mom!

Thank you, fencing moms, for sharing your incredible negotiation skills.

●    Always Prepared

Need a granola bar? Fencing mom has got that. A sewing kit to fix a tear in a fencing glove? There in fencing mom’s bag. First aid? Fencing mom is on it. Spare socks? Fencing mom knew you would need them and packed extra. Pillow to rest your head on during the long travel? Fencing mom somehow managed to fit one in her purse. Whatever you’re missing, whatever you need to make it all work, fencing mom has got it ready. If she doesn’t then she’s going to figure out some way to get it so that the fencing can continue.

Thank you, fencing moms, for always being prepared.

●    Incredible Patience

Though we truly, truly love the art of fencing, we recognize that the sheer amount of time that moms put into this fencing thing. There’s driving to practice, waiting for practice, waiting around for their fencer to compete, waiting waiting waiting. Then there’s the patience that’s required to listen to eager young fencer talk again and again about the same technique or experience. All of this and you would never know how long and tedious those hours can get for them.

Thank you, fencing moms, for your incredible patience.

●    Experts at Everything  

Is there anything that fencing moms can’t fix? Even if they don’t know how to at first, a fencing mom will very quickly connect with her mysterious network of information to learn the best way to fix a lame, to sign up for a competition, to fix epee screws, to straighten foil, to take/ make/ do with whatever they have to on the road at a competition. It’s like they’re experts at everything.

Thank you, fencing moms, for being experts at so many different things.

●    There for the Long Haul

Fencing moms don’t give up on their fencers, not no way, not no how. From the first lesson to the teary-eyed graduation and later college fencing matches and every other eventuality, fencing moms are there. They don’t give up, and always come with a supportive word and a hand to help fencers to stand up again. In hard times or happy times, you are not alone.

Thank you, fencing moms, for being there for us for the long haul.

Fencing moms savor the moments, the little things and the big ones. They help us to make sense of what this all about.  This Mother’s Day, there truly are not words to express how amazing the things that you do for us are. Thank you!


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  1. Thanks for writing this. I’d like to think I measure up, even if I can’t yet repair a body cord.

    • Irina Chirashnya

      I like the “yet” part of the statement 🙂 That’s the spirit!

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