17 Academy of Fencing Masters Blogs to help you during Competition SeasonLooking for some great advice about navigating fencing competitions? There is so much to the process of competing as a fencer – from regulations and preparation to how to deal with unexpected challenges that happen during a fencing bout. Here are seventeen of AFM’s best blogs (and an ebook!) about how to navigate fencing competitions. You’ll find tips in these pages on everything from weapons to rules to history – and you’ll want to read them all!

1.     Fencing Rules for the Novice Parent: Objective and procedures

Let’s start off with the basic. What are the rules of fencing? This is a great read for new fencers and parents, as well as for old hats.

2.     Let the Games Begin!: What to bring to a fencing competition

Preparing for a fencing competition can be daunting. What to even bring? Check out this great post that will give you a really detailed but simple list of what you’ll need to be prepared.

3.     What to Expect at Your First Fencing Competition

The first fencing competition is often the most nerve wracking. Here you’ll learn what you need to know before even leaving your home club.

4.     Fencing Tournament Day

This is another post about fencing tournament day (an incredibly important subject!) but from a different angle and with even more advice! Check it out!

5.     The Dreaded Black Card in Fencing

What is a black card, and when are you likely to see it during a fencing competition?  Is it as ominous as it sounds?

6.     Fencing Strip Coaching: Maximizing your coach’s time and input

Fencer’s have these amazing coaches to help them out during fencing matches, but getting the most out of them might not come naturally. Here’s how.

7.     6 Tips for Fencing your Teammates at Competitions

What happens when you have to fence a teammate at competition? This situation often throws fencers off – but don’t worry, this blog will really help you to navigate what can be a sticky situation.

8.     Always Respect Your Fencing Opponent

This one might seem like a no brainer, but we’re all here because we’re passionate about the sport! Especially with younger children, it’s really important that we speak early and often about respect for our opponents. Here’s why!

9.     Checklist for Fencing Competition “Base Camp” from Experienced Parents

Where does the family of a fencer go during a fencing competition and how can they best support their champion? Here’s some serious advice about what to do from experienced fencing parents.

10.  5 Ways to Make the Stress of Competition Easier

This is a fantastic post about how you can make competition easier. Tons of really amazing information that’s super practical.

11.  Long Hair and Fencers – Competition Rules: Tips from a Fencing Mom

Hair is no small thing when you’re talking about wearing a fencing mask! Check out these real world tips from a fencing mom to learn how to wrangle that hair, and to follow the rules in the process.

12.  6 Reasons to Videotape Fencing Competitions of your child

Videotaping isn’t just about making memories. At fencing competitions it can be an incredibly useful tool. Here’ you’ll learn not only why to video at competitions, but also how to video the right things!

13.  5 Things You Didn’t Know about Competitive Fencing

Ok, so this post isn’t really super instructive about navigating fencing competitions – but it’s really cool! One thing that we love so much about fencing is how we’re tied to the long history of this sport. Check this post out for some solid inspiration and in depth knowledge.

14.  To Shake or Not to Shake: Should a cold impact whether you shake your opponent’s hand after a fencing bout?

It’s a big question, as competition season coincides with cold and flu season. This creative post will share some great tips about alternatives to the beginning of the bout handshake that keep the good sportsmanship while minimizing the spread of germs.

15.   How to Straighten Your Fencing Weapon During a Competition

It happens almost without us realizing – boom – a bent weapon during a bout. How can you fix it in the midst of competition?

16.  12 Important Tips for Your Fencing Equipment Check

What do you need to know about equipment check? This blog is a MUST read for every competitive fencer.

17.  Free eBook “Beginner Guide to Fencing”

The last one is one of the best! This is a whole eBook to help fencers navigate competition. There’s tons of info here that is of a great use to fencers, real world advice on everything from age categories to tips about equipment.

What’s your favorite AFM blog  about competition? What other topics do you want to hear about? Let us know in the comments!