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Fencing Tournament Day

Welcome to the USA Fencing Summer NationalsSo what exactly does fencing tournament day look like at a national fencing tournament? For those who have never been to such high level competition, there are a few things that will help you to know more about what to expect. While every event is different (that’s what makes it exciting!), there are some things that stay the same. Read on for tips and tricks as well as just plain information about what to expect on competition day at Summer Nationals.

5 Ways to Make the Stress of Competition Easier

Make the Stress of Competition EasierCompetitions are stressful, especially big competition like fencing Summer Nationals. It’s easy for kids to let their nerves get away with them and to begin to feel overwhelmed and unhappy – which is never the kind of feeling that we want our young fencers to have. Fencing is an exciting sport, because after all we are doing battle, both physically and mentally.. In fact, one of the most amazing things about fencing is that it is so exciting. Unfortunately those same feelings that make it so exciting can also make it quite intimidating.

Getting Comfortable with Fencing Summer Nationals

Fencing Summer NationalsFencing Summer Nationals are different than other competitions that your children may have participated in. It’s not unusual for parents to be nervous about this large and complex event that comes with high honor but also with high pressure.

Read on to learn about how to prepare and how to be comfortable with going to Summer Nationals.

7 Tips for Cleaning a Fencing Lame from a Fencing Mom

Cleaning a fencing lameAll of the fencing equipment should be washed and cleaned from time to time as we, “cleaning servants” of our kids, know. Sweaty equipment is disgusting, no doubt. We already know how to simply throw a cotton jacket into a washer and dryer – but what about the Lamé? Let’s be honest, this one is the last piece on your list to clean because you’re afraid you’ll totally destroy its conductive ability. No one wants to admit it, but 90% of fencers NEVER clean their electrical vests – NEVER! If you are not a millionaire who can buy a new lame once it’s dirty, please use these 7 simple tips to clean your child’s lame. Stop the sweaty madness of this most whimsical element of fencing clothes. No more odor and greenish rust spots on your lame!

Fencing Club Affiliation: Get it Right BEFORE Summer Nationals

Fencing Club AffiliationEvery fencing club in the country spends its last weeks of June preparing for Summer Nationals. Camps, extended lessons, working and preparing weapons, plus a lot of logistics coordination are all part of the final steps. Just like everyone else, we’re in the thick of this preparation, though logistics are in some sense easier for us it is for foreigners, nonetheless there is still so much to prepare.

As part of our club preparation we review all the lists of participants, and attempt to double check with their parents to ensure that everyone knows all of the registration times, where they need to go, and much more. Despite the fact that we went so far as to write an entire book to help new fencing parents to prepare to summer nationals, there are still a lot of questions that parents have.

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