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Cadet and Junior Regional Points – Confusions and Clarifications

Cadet and Junior Regional Points - Confusion and ClarificationThe most challenging of qualification paths for fencing is the Cadet/Junior path. It’s incredibly confusing.

Even those of us who have an intimate understanding of these two paths can find the whole thing a bit overwhelming. I know I’ve written about the qualifications extensively in the past, and apparently it was confusing for me as well.

Why are the Cadet and Junior qualifying paths so confusing?

Our next task is to figure out why these two qualifying paths are so doggone confounding. What is it about these that makes them more of a challenge to figure out than say, Y10 vs. Y12?

There are many reasons for the difficulty, and here are some to name a few:

Bad Day at Fencing Competition? Here are 5 Stories to Make You Feel Better

Bad Day at Fencing CompetitionIf you have a bad day at the competition, do not worry – even pros have terrible days! We’ve put together a few sports stories that show that everyone can have a rough day, from fencers to golfers.

Right Age to Start Fencing – Is my child too old?

right age to start fencingIt’s not uncommon for parents to think that their child has “aged out” of competitive fencing. Many parents think that if they’re child hasn’t started fencing when they’re very young, that they’ve somehow missed the boat for being major competitors in the arena of fencing. Many parents think that a child who is 14 or 15, or even 10 or 11 has already gotten to be too old to have a chance at international competition. So, what is the right age to start fencing?

Before we go on, we want to be clear – your child is not too old to start competitive fencing.

Misconceptions about the right age to start fencing

Fencing Lucky Charms – What Role Does Luck Play in Winning a Fencing Bout?

Fencing Lucky Charms - What Role Does Luck Play in Winning a Fencing Bout?Do you believe in fencing lucky charms? Are you lucky on the strip?

Lots of fencers carry around lucky bits to bouts. Special socks, a lucky coin in their pocket, that mask that always seems to help them get those points. Sports in general can be tricky in terms of what happens, there’s always an element of uncertainty. That’s part of the fun of it!

But what is the role of luck in fencing? Do you have to be lucky in order to be successful in fencing?

10 Tips to help fencers be light on their feet

10 Tips to help fencers be light on their feet as catsQuick movement is a key to good fencing. So much of this sport is about controlling the distance between you and your competitor, with those fencers who control the space winning the matches. The faster you are able to move and change direction and tempo, the lighter on your feet, the more effectively you’re going to be able to push forward through to strike your opponent.

With these tips, you’ll be able to better control the distance in matches, making you a more effective fencer!

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