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7 Tips on How to Fence a Shorter Fencer

How to fence a shorter fencerWe recently published a piece on how to fence a taller fencer, but now we’re back to give you some tips on how to fence someone who is much shorter than you are!

Many people think that taller fencers have a distinct advantage on the strip thanks to their longer reach and ability to cover distance quickly, but then many relatively new fencers find out that being taller doesn’t mean that winning is always easy. Shorter fencers have some distinct advantages in their own right, and these tips will help you to not just lean on your height advantage when you’re fencing against a smaller opponent.

Incidentally, these techniques are especially important for children to learn, as their heights are constantly changing, as are those of their opponents. While a child might be the tallest in their division this year, that advantage might not be there next year! Growth spurts affect young fencers in tremendous ways, which is why it’s so important for kids to constantly learn solid skills rather than relying on any physical attributes, which are unlikely to last for long.

How Long Until I Know if My Child is Good at Fencing?

When will I know if my child is good at fencing?Fencing is a fun sport. It’s a sport that’s fueled by adrenaline. It’s a sport that offers great gear, fantastic exercise, real combat and awesome opportunities for the future. It’s also a complex sport. Kids who enjoy activities that are challenging are generally those who are going to enjoy fencing the most, and who are most likely to be successful as fencers.

Adjusting to fencing takes time

Because fencing is a full body, contact sport, it’s one that requires a good deal of physicality. This is something that is challenging for many kids who are prone to being intellectual. Fencers have to work hard to become stronger and faster, more flexible and with a higher level of coordination. Decision making skills in fencers must be razor quick.

Foam Rollers – A Secret to Helping the Fencer’s Body

Foam Rollers - A Secret to Helping the Fencer’s BodyHave you ever seen one of these things? Foam rollers have been a secret of athletes who are working to loosen their bodies for many years, dating all the way back the 1950’s. Like many workout tools, they’re something that can look a little strange if you’ve never seen one before, but trust us when we say that they’re definitely a good thing for your body.

What foam rollers do

A foam roller is a large cylinder of hollow plastic that’s covered in textured foam. They can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they’re generally about the size of a large log of wood. They work like a massage to loosen tight muscles and help reduce aches associated with training. Unlike a massage, you don’t need anyone else to help you when you use a foam roller.

9 Tips on How to Fence a Taller Fencer

9 Tips on How to Fence a Taller Fencer

The age categories in fencing generally mean that you’ll be fencing someone who is about the same height as you are – generally speaking. However it’s not uncommon to come across a fencer who is much taller than you are, and that can pose its own unique set of challenges. To take on a fencer who towers over you, you need to rethink your strategies.

Kids especially can benefit from learning how to fence against opponents who are much taller than they are, as growth spurts can mean that there’s a foot difference in two fencers who are within just a year or two in age, and even for between the kids of the same age. Also, young fencers can be easily intimidated by the prospect of fencing against much taller opponent, and unclear what they should do in this case.

Here are nine tips for how to fence a taller fencer.

AFM Goes to #1 in the SYC Circuit!

AFM is Number 1 in SYCThis week we received the most wonderful news about AFM – we’ve been ranked #1 among all USA fencing clubs in the Super Youth Circuits, based on the results tracked by National Fencing Club Rankings (NFCR)!

Sometimes all of the hard work and diligence takes you to places that you never expected to go, even though you dreamed of them. That’s exactly what’s happened for those of us here at AFM, who are humbled and proud to have taken the top spot as the number one fencing club in the United States in terms of total medals at Super Youth Circuits (SYC).

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