start your child fencing this winter-its a best sport all year aroundThough we don’t get much snow here in California, we still find that winter offers different challenges and opportunities than other times of the year. In fact winter is a perfect time to get started with fencing!

Why?  Here are seven reasons to start your child in fencing this winter.

1.      Fencing = Focus

During the winter, we often find that our kids start dragging a bit in their academic studies. They just don’t have the concentration abilities that they might have had when they were fresh off summer break back in September. Adding fencing to your child’s activities will teach them new focus skills that translate beautifully to the classroom.

2.      Cooler Weather + Warm Gear

Winter is a great time to start your child in fencing because of the great fencing gear that we wear. It’s cuddly and warm as the weather cools off! Fencers wear long pants, jackets, gloves, socks, shoes, and of course that fencing mask. All that stuff is nice and toasty on a winter’s day! That’s one reason this is a great time to start fencing.

3.      Competition Season = Lots of Fencing to Watch

The fencing competition season is just really getting going as winter sets in. While your beginner fencer wont’ be starting to compete for a good while yet, this is a perfect time to go watch lots of fencing and get excited about training. Smaller competitions are everywhere this time of year!

4.      Cooler Weather + Fencing is Cool

Fencing is a cool sport – in fact we’d argue it’s the coolest sport! Kids get to hold swords, trying to score a point on their friends while not getting touched. That’s why fencing goes so well with the cooler weather. What goes better with cooler temps than a sport that’s super cool?

5.      Winter Break = Great Chance to Fence

The winter break is a perfect time to get involved in fencing because kids have this perfect little break between semesters to try it out. There’s often some downtime over the winter break that we’re not quite sure what to do with, and that’s a great time to head over to the fencing club and try it out! When you’re not crushed with all those normal responsibilities. Winter also tends to be a time when school isn’t quite so demanding yet.

6.      Cooler Weather + Indoor Sport

Fencing takes place indoors, which makes a fantastic sport to try in the winter. You don’t need to concern yourself with your child getting sick from being outside in frigid temperatures, and fencing bouts can go whether it’s raining or snowing outside.

7.      Holiday Presents = Fencing Lessons

It’s a common thing that we as parents feel – our kids have plenty of stuff! When it comes to what grandma or Santa is going to bring your child for a holiday present, instead of another board game or toy, how about a month of fencing lessons? It’s a gift that will give your child confidence and an amazing experience, and who knows maybe a lifelong passion!

These are only a few of the great reasons to start your child fencing this winter, but in reality any time of year is a great time to start fencing! Take that next step and try out fencing, and make this winter the start of something special in the life of your child.