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Maximizing Online Fencing Training Part 2 – A Guide for Fencers and Fencing Parents

Maximizing Online Fencing Sessions Part 2 - A Guide for Fencers and Fencing Parents

Screen time has become fencing time in the bold new world of coronavirus with online fencing training. It’s a time that is unusual and challenging, but it’s one that we know we can get through if we work together and stay positive. Fencing is a sport that is remarkable in all of its adaptability, and today we are pushing the boundaries of that adaptability. 

That all sounds well and good, but how do fencing families take the most advantage of online fencing classes during the time of COVID-19? Many schools are offering online classes, and for those fencers who don’t have access to online classes from their own school, some fencing clubs have opened online classes to fencers who still want instruction even when their clubs are not offering socially distanced options. 

When you do participate in online fencing training , things are a bit different than when you participate in in-person fencing classes. The platform is different, and so there are different ways to maximize the benefit. Here are our tips for making online fencing training work out for fencers at home. 

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Talking Fencing and Coronavirus with Michael Aufrichtig, Fencing Head Coach at Columbia University

Talking Fencing and Coronavirus with Michael Aufrichtig, Head Fencing Coach at Columbia University

AFM recently had the amazing opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Michael Aufrichtig, the head coach of the Columbia University fencing team. He lives and coaches in New York City, which is of course the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. Through our interview, we were able to talk about training during the coronavirus pandemic, how competitive fencing is going to be potentially affected by all of this, and to gain some insight into the uncertainty for fencers who are pursuing their college fencing dream during a global crisis.

We cannot say enough how honored we were to be able to get this insight from one of the top fencing coaches in the United States. If you are not familiar with Michael, then after you read this interview we highly recommend that you watch his TED talk about his innovative coaching style, which is incredibly unusual in fencing. He is nothing short of a titan in the collegiate sport today, and his insight is invaluable to all fencers.

Thank you Michael for your time and your insight! It is of a great help to the fencing community in this time of uncertainty.

(When the Zoom call opens, Michael is sitting in what appears to be the fencing training facility at Columbia University.)

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How to make a ball on a string (for fencing drills) in four easy steps

Ball on a string - moving target for fencing drills

By Imme Kaschner

Hi Igor & Team

Thank you for your inspiring work!

We (my 10 year old daughter and I) are members at VRI Fencing, Melbourne, Australia (the club focuses on mainly on epee). We had our first online session for the junior squad today. Life in lockdown is suddenly looking much better!

I had totally underestimated the utility of this “cat toy” (=ball on a string) for fencing training. I put together this easy DIY tutorial after being asked by our head coach to get one, and deciding that it was easier (and in keeping with social isolation recommendations) to make our own. Not rocket science, but if this post encourages a few people to see the fun of training at home and understanding that really if their have their gear, that’s all they need, it is totally worth it.

Please feel free to share/publicise this for others to use!

Thanks, Imme (Kaschner) 


How to make a ball on a string (for fencing drills) in four easy steps

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AFM Online Fencing Training

You can continue to train even when the entire world seems to come to halt. Our first online fencing training today was a real blast – we had more than 160 kids who participated in all classes and their energy, smiles, and joy were really contagious!

Don’t wait – join the movement! #OnlineFencingTraining

Fencing Training in a Pandemic – How Fencers Can Keep in Shape

Fencing Training in a Pandemic - How Fencers Can Keep in Shape

Right now, we’re seeing a major global outbreak of a virus that’s pushing everything to its limits. From large events to universities, the entire globe is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and the fencing training wasn’t skipped in this neither.

This isn’t something far away either, it’s right here in our backyards. Everyone is taking additional precautions to slow down and prevent the spread. That unfortunately means pulling back from some fencing activities for a lot of people for an unclear duration.

Here we want to be clear – everyone has the right to respect how they respond to this. We respect the choices that some fencers and their families are making, because you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable when it comes to your health. However, because you are quarantining yourself at home doesn’t mean you have to stop your training. 

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