tips-for-halloween-fencing-costumes-2 It’s almost that time again! Trick or treating, spooky stories, candied apples, and TONS OF COSTUMES! We just love Halloween. It’s  time of year when you can be anything that you want to be,  do anything that you want to do (within reason), and in general just have a fantastic time of camaraderie within the community.

So you love fencing, and you want to take that passion right out into this fantastic holiday. Of course you do, because fencing is pretty amazing stuff. But it’s really not enough just to throw on your fencing gear and go prancing around down the lane – you naturally want to take it up a level to the next notch and really bring something amazing to the sidewalk this year.

Never fear! We’re here to help!

Here are some super fun, and mostly super easy, costumes that you can come up with for this year’s All Hallows Eve. These costumes all included swords, and most of them are actually all about fencing. Check out the list and see if you can find something that really sparks your fancy.

(One last note before you dig in to any of these, we want to remind you not to go traipsing about in your fencing uniform, as it could get damaged. Also, be careful taking your actual fencing sword out with you as some venues might not welcome a metal sword, even if it isn’t dangerous. This is a great chance to get a foam sword to play with!)

Enough of that, now for the costumes!

Group fencing costumes

  1. The Musketeers

This one is obvious, but so much fun! You just need to throw on a makeshift tunic, grab a couple of friends and hit the streets with a foam sword. Don’t forget to speak in your best French as you go! This is a great costume idea for families.

  1. Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Ok, so maybe these two aren’t technically fencing, but they definitely are tons of fun with their swordfighting! A great costume idea for a fencing parent and child who want to have a ton of fun on Halloween night.

  1. 2016 Rio Fencing Team

All you need for this is a gaggle of your fencing buddies and some Team USA T-shirts! You could be Alexander Massialas with his silver, Daryl Homer with his silver,  the men’s foil team with those bronze medals, or the women’s sabre team with their bronze medals (ladies could try some fun hair colors with this one!). Make your own medals and take with you an American flag to complete the look.

Solo fencing costumes

  1. Dread Pirate Roberts

The Princess Bride is a classic film for a reason – it’s AMAZING! The Dread Pirate Roberts does some incredible fencing in the film, and dressing up like him is simple, with black clothes that fit snugly and a long black piece of fabric with two eye holes cut.

  1. Zorro

Speaking of masks, how about Zorro for a great fencing costume? A cape, a black mask, and a sword, and all of a sudden you’re a hero out to save the wild west!

  1. Despereaux

Both a beloved movie and a fantastic book, this costume is super fun because you get to carry a sword AND make yourself some giant mouse ears!

  1. Rey

Ok, so technically this heroine of Star Wars isn’t technically a fencer, but since there seems to be a shortage of women on our list, we thought we’d include her on the list just to represent something for the girls. She is a pretty fun sword fighter though!

These are just some ideas to get you started, to get those juices flowing so that you can make the most out of the Halloween season! If you do decide to try one of these out, be sure to drop us a picture as we’d love to see.

Happy Halloween!